901 Collection Watch Made From Recycled Porsche 911’s (video)


901 Collection Watch Made From Recycled Porsche 911-1

Porsche fans looking for a ideal further to their wrist might be meddlesome in a new 901 Collection watch that are assembled from salvaged Porsche 911’s and recycled Porsche parts.

Watch a video next to learn some-more about how a singular Porsche involuntary timepieces are combined regulating recycled Porsche tools by REC Watches formed in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Finally we’re gay to benefaction a collection that facilities handmade materials, high peculiarity components and a pattern that pays reverence to a undying car-design creatively combined by Ferdinand Porsche. Very few cars possess a kind of bequest a Porsche 911 does, and a following frequency scratches a aspect of a abounding backstory and extraction of this illusory vehicle. For a fuller story of Porsche and a 911 we rarely suggest a works of Brian Long and/or Karl Ludvigsen.

The 911 itself traces a roots to sketches drawn by Ferdinand “Butzi” Porsche in 1959, son of Ferdinand “Ferry” Porsche. The Porsche 911 was grown as a some-more powerful, larger, some-more gentle deputy for a Porsche 356, a company’s initial consumer car.

Almost immediately after it went on sale in Sep 1964 (as a 1965 model) a 911 determined itself as an idol of ‘60s cool. Then it segued gracefully into being an idol of ‘70s performance, afterwards an idol of sophistication and lavishness in a ‘80s, followed by apropos an idol of athleticism and energy in a ‘90s and is now simply a clarification of German sportscars manufacturing.

Source: Kickstarter

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