AereA Action RPG Launches On Playstation 4 Jun 30th (video)



Developers Soedesco has currently announced around a central PlayStation blog that a new movement RPG Aerea will be rising on a PlayStation 4 on Jun 30th, 2017 and will also be available to play on Xbox One and PC.

As good as releasing some-more sum about what we can design from Aerea, a group has also expelled a new gameplay trailer providing a good demeanour during what we can expect.

Marten Buijsse PR Manager, Soedesco

First off, let me tell we a small some-more about a backstory of a game. In Aerea all we see is music-themed. From a characters, to a weapons, to a enemies — music. You try a music-filled universe that got distant into 3 islands during what we call ‘The Great Separation’. These islands were hold in change by 9 former instruments, that have been stolen. As a footman of a Great Meastro Guido, who combined a former instruments, we have to lapse them to revive a change and assent to a world.

It’s been a really engaging knowledge operative on Aerea, as we have a lot some-more contend into both growth and PR of a game. It gives us a leisure to do anything we’d like with a title. For this reason, I’d like to speak about one aspect of a diversion that we like really much: a trainer battles.

A few weeks ago we showed Aerea to a open for a initial time during EGX Rezzed in London. What we listened a lot of people say, was that a trainer conflict in a demo was “really immersive.” The reason for this is that a song was created and stoical privately for any trainer by Deon outpost Heerden, who also done a soundtrack for BroForce. All bosses are formed on specific low-pitched instruments, so a song you’ll be conference when fighting a trainer will also have this instrument as a lead instrument. This changes a whole quarrel from a simple conflict into a finish immersive low-pitched composition, in that all we see and hear is this specific instrument.

Source: PS Blog

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