Atomo Modular Electronics System (video)


Atomo Modular Electronics System

Electronics enthusiasts that are looking for a faster approach to antecedent projects might be meddlesome in a new modular electronic complement called Atomo that has been total by Atomo Systems.

Atomo has been designed and grown to yield is a finish complement for building electronic projects with 4 tools that take a form of Control, IO, Power, and Connector.

Watch a proof video subsequent to learn how a opposite modules can be total to emanate a resources of opposite projects with ease. All modules can afterwards be reused to build your subsequent plan when required.

We’ve reimagined how to pattern and build electronics. Create roughly anything from a USB powered elementary sensor to a beast 2 kilowatt robot. The complement is ideal for one-off projects or product development. Spend reduction time going from antecedent to production. Come and check it out and let us know what we think!

Focus on your plan instead of using additional wires for energy or using out of IO. We designed in coherence and plenty complement resources. Reuse and remix your system. Anything we need is already there to hoop many problems. Solve incomparable problems by adding some-more resources instead of starting over.

The heart of any wiring plan is how we bond it to a rest of a world. Each IO procedure has a useful volume of IO and Power accessible for many applications and can be doubled adult on a 8-module connector board.

For some-more information on a new Atomo modular electronic building complement burst over to a Indiegogo website for sum by following a couple below.

Source: Indiegogo

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