Aven Colony PS4 Game Merges Sci-Fi And City-Building (video)


Aven Colony PS4 Game Merges Sci-Fi And City-Building

Paul Tozour Founder of games developer Mothership Entertainment, Has taken to a central PlayStation blog this week to recover a new trailer for a arriving Aven Colony diversion that merges scholarship novella and city building.

Watch a new Surviving Aven Prime trailer next to learn some-more about a mechanics we can design from this new non-traditional city building diversion that is set to be launched on a PlayStation 4 someday after this year.

Aven Colony is a non-traditional city-builder. Our idea is to make we feel like a administrator of humanity’s initial allotment on an visitor world, lightyears from earth and 500 years in a future, flourishing a tiny, exposed cluster on an outlandish universe into a massive, sprawling sci-fi metropolis. Along with that, we need to understanding with all of a presence hurdles that this antagonistic visitor universe presents.

On a one hand, we designed Aven Colony to be easy for city-builder fans to collect adult and play immediately, and we did an implausible volume of due industry on a best standards opposite a city-builder genre. We felt strongly that we wanted to welcome and extend some of a best city-builder genre conventions wherever possible, rather than perplexing to reinvent a wheel.

At a same time, Aven Colony has a clever importance on survival, and holding place on an visitor universe that’s mostly antagonistic and works really differently from Earth. This meant that utterly often, normal genre conventions do not request – “where we’re going, there are no roads.”

Unlike any other city-builder, Aven Colony lets we collect and activate visitor artifacts, container your colonists into speed vessels and send them exploring outward a colony, and build plasma turrets and lightning towers and other buildings to strengthen your colonists from climb spores and disease spores. Your plasma turrets can even fire a weather, in a form of supercooled hailstones (“shard storms”).

Source: PS Blog

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