BIRD Electric Skateboard With Smartphone App (video)


LE RET Emmanuel has combined a new electric skateboard that has been privately designed to yield a singular roving knowledge and can be tweaked to yield a ideal float regulating a BIRDTOUCH messenger application.

Watch a promotional video next to learn some-more about this new electric skateboard that is taken to Kickstarter this week to lift a €50,000 compulsory to take a house into production.

Emmanuel explains some-more about a pattern and construction of a electric skateboard and what creates it opposite from others now on a market.

BIRD is a initial electric movement providing all a feelings of a normal longboard. No some-more remote control, a hands-free complement where we control your speed, as we like from a elementary position of your feet on a board. Rediscover a healthy sensations of roving with a electric device BIRDTOUCH. It is a fondness of an in-wheel thrust and an transmutable battery that produces a strong and arguable high peculiarity product done in France.

If currently we offer we this new roving choice it’s since of a new BIRDTOUCH navigation system… One prolonged vigour sensor runs along a rug and transmits a speed, acceleration, and mangle to a engine around a control panel. The slimline design, waterproof and total options of a house pledge we a marvellous ride..

Customize your float to your specifications with BIRDTOUCH connected to your smartphone. You can change a settings around the application. We are certain that we will adopt this new approach to float a house that offers we a some-more healthy and reduction synthetic ride. Would we roller with a remote-control?!! Nevertheless if we are uncertain, no worries, we will embody a remote control for a some-more normal form of ride.

Source: Kickstarter

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