BIRD Electric Skateboard With Smartphone App (video)


LE RET Emmanuel has created a new electric skateboard which has been specifically designed to provide a unique riding experience and can be tweaked to provide the perfect ride using the BIRDTOUCH companion application.

Watch the promotional video below to learn more about this new electric skateboard which is taken to Kickstarter this week to raise the €50,000 required to take the board into production.

Emmanuel explains more about the design and construction of the electric skateboard and what makes it different from others currently on the market.

BIRD is the first electric skate providing all the feelings of a traditional longboard. No more remote control, a hands-free system where you control your speed, as you like from the simple position of your feet on the board. Rediscover the natural sensations of riding with the electric device BIRDTOUCH. It is the alliance of an in-wheel propulsion and an interchangeable battery that produces a robust and reliable high quality product made in France.

If today we offer you this new riding option it’s because of the new BIRDTOUCH navigation system… One long pressure sensor runs along the deck and transmits the speed, acceleration, and break to the engine via a control panel. The slimline design, waterproof and unlimited options of the board guarantee you a sensational ride..

Customize your ride to your specifications with BIRDTOUCH connected to your smartphone. You can alter the settings via our application. We are positive that you will adopt this new way to ride a board that offers you a more natural and less artificial ride. Would you surf with a remote-control?!! Nevertheless if you are uncertain, no worries, we will include a remote control for a more traditional type of ride.

Source: Kickstarter

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