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Virtual reality and 360 degree video creators looking for a way to be able to control multiple GoPro cameras may be interested in a new control system which has been launched by Kickstarter this week called the Boxie.

Boxie has been created to enable you to see a single preview screen of all your linked GoPro cameras. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the GoPro control system and its features.

Boxie can offer real-time monitoring of all 6 cameras’ data:

– Battery status 
– Mode streaming status 
– SD card status 
– Recording status
– Overheating status 
– Video resolution 
–  Frame rate 
– White balance 

The biggest problem with shooting Virtual Realty videos is the lack of a screen which monitors the scenes and the camera status. Our product provides an excellent solution to this problem. This product gives the user one-click control over all GoPro cameras, synchronizes all camera settings (which spares the user from setting up each and every one of the cameras one by one), and provides a preview screen so you can check that all the main characters are away from stich lines, as well as monitor every camera status simultaneously.

While working with various VR cameras, we found that they don’t show you where the stitch lines are. Often, the directors will put the most important action in the optical parallax (or “blind spot”), and when the scenes are stiched together, everything in that blind spot will disappear and all of the scenes will have to be reshot. With our product, the director can see where the blind spots of the cameras are, instead of not noticing until the editing process and wasting valuable time.

Source: Kickstarter

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