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Virtual existence and 360 grade video creators looking for a approach to be means to control mixed GoPro cameras might be meddlesome in a new control complement that has been launched by Kickstarter this week called a Boxie.

Boxie has been combined to capacitate we to see a singular preview shade of all your related GoPro cameras. Watch a proof video next to learn some-more about a GoPro control complement and a features.

Boxie can offer real-time monitoring of all 6 cameras’ data:

– Battery status 
– Mode streaming status 
– SD label status 
– Recording status
– Overheating status 
– Video resolution 
–  Frame rate 
– White balance 

The biggest problem with sharpened Virtual Realty videos is a miss of a shade that monitors a scenes and a camera status. Our product provides an glorious resolution to this problem. This product gives a user one-click control over all GoPro cameras, synchronizes all camera settings (which spares a user from environment adult any and each one of a cameras one by one), and provides a preview shade so we can check that all a categorical characters are divided from stich lines, as good as guard each camera standing simultaneously.

While operative with several VR cameras, we found that they don’t uncover we where a tack lines are. Often, a directors will put a many critical movement in a visual parallax (or “blind spot”), and when a scenes are stiched together, all in that blind mark will disappear and all of a scenes will have to be reshot. With a product, a executive can see where a blind spots of a cameras are, instead of not seeing until a modifying routine and wasting profitable time.

Source: Kickstarter

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