D2K Plus 2K Resolution 3D Printer Unveiled From $1,695 (video)


D2K Plus 2K Resolution 3D Printer

SH IP has unveiled a new 2K resolution 3D printer which they are currently advertising via Kickstarter for approximately $1,629 with shipping expected to take place in a couple of months time during May 2017.

Watch the promotional video below to learn more about the affordable DLP 3D printer which provides a large build volume at an affordable price.


The creators of the D2K Plus 2K resolution 3D printer explain more about its design and inspiration :

To continue our success in the campaign “D2K Illuminate 3D Printer” in 2016, now we are glad to launch “D2K Plus 3D Printer” which is designed for those who demand larger size of printing, the build platform is much larger “198 x 120 x 150mm” whereas D2K Illuminate is only 121 x 68 x 130mm.  “D2K Plus” could satisfy most of designers or gadget lovers to accomplish their great ideas.  Not only large print platform but 2K resolution is kept unchanged, this is indispensable device for your development job .

It’s time to upgrade your printer to DLP technology, it brings along with lots of advantages that get rid of daily maintenance and fine-tuning. Our considerate design of “D2K Plus”, you could be very easy to make further maintenance or proceeding with future upgrade by yourself.  Either electronic module or UV resins you can buy those replacement very easily in your local market or get it from us.

Understand that good printing quality is what you are priority concern, any other subsidiary functions will make the cost higher, as a result, you have to pay more. We’ve considered these and finally designed the printer structure as simple as possible. This is why the price of 1st batch we do as low as possible to thanks for every early bird backer. Estimated retailer’s price will be around US$3,000 up. We tapped the top engineering, a printer that combines high printing resolution, and a price tag that meet with the requirements for artists, designers, businesses and hobbyists who are serious about creating high-quality, 3D-printed items.

For more information on the new D2K Plus 2K Resolution 3D Printer jump over to the Kickstarter website for details by following the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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