Drem MIDI Drum Triggers Created By Josh Fifelski (video)


MIDI Drum Triggers

Musicians acid for veteran MIDI drum triggers might be meddlesome in a new square of hardware that is being combined by Josh Fifelski formed in Detroit and aptly named a DremTrigger.

The MIDI drum triggers have been privately combined to capacitate musicians to supplement abyss to their acoustic drums. Watch a proof video subsequent to learn some-more about a new drum triggers that have taken to Kickstarter to lift a compulsory $35,000 indispensable to go into manufacture.

Pledges start from $349 for early bird backers with shipping approaching to take place during Dec 2017. Features of a MIDI drum triggers embody a vast 4 GB inner memory, 8-hour battery life, stand-alone and contactless design.


It took scarcely 3 years to arrive where we’re during currently and have overcome a list of hurdles that seemed when seeking to mix a technologies to make DrēmTrigger advanced, simple, nonetheless robust. We trust we are in a final stages of a growth and will be buttoning adult automatic adjustments over a subsequent integrate weeks and afterwards put a concentration only on a program so that we can have a timely boat date.

There’s a lot packaged into this small guy, so there are some give and take situations we find ourselves in and as we spin a dilemma to a finish, we will have solidified accurately what facilities we can use now, vs what we will have to continue building for later. Know that all settled above, has already been proven achievable.

Our tests so distant have proven that DrēmTrigger can take a punch; though we won’t stop there. Included in a contrast procedures will be EMC, impact, highlight and a engorgement of other tests to safeguard that a device is set to final years. The idea is to have a section that is clever adequate for drummers to strike though elementary adequate for anyone play. Our guaranty will cover simple inner damage, though this will be stretched on as we finish a contrast procedures.

For some-more information on a new Drem MIDI drum triggers burst over to a Kickstarter website for sum by following a couple below.

Source: Kickstarter

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