Ecological Underwater Robot Designed To Protect The Atlantic Reefs (video)


 Underwater Eco Robot

RSE Technology has grown a new ecological underwater drudge that has been privately designed to assistance strengthen a Atlantic reefs from a advance of lionfish.

The plan is now anticipating to lift $25,000 around Kickstarter to assistance pull a underwater drudge growth even serve as good as support fishermen and save a environment. Watch a promotional video next to learn some-more about a underwater drudge that has been created.

Specifications of a underwater drudge include:

– 6-Degree of Freedom Navigation System – 8 thruster array for sum suit control, permitting formidable sport maneuvers and stabilization of undersea currents.
– Stunning Panels – Low, tranquil voltage stuns a lionfish to be captured. The low voltage does not kill or mistreat a lionfish, though simply stuns them prolonged adequate to be captured.
– Electronics Enclosure – Pressure vessel containing open source microcontroller, autopilot module, communication node, engine controllers, and categorical camera. This vessel also contains a system’s sensors including trickle detection, depth, and 3-DOF gyro.
– Surface Tether – 100m fasten for control and communication with aspect power.
– Power Enclosure – Module containing on-board batteries, or an adapter for aspect energy and tether.
– Capture System – A thruster captures and binds lionfish in a chamber. This cover binds adult to 50lbs of lionfish to make any diving event impactful.
– Main Body – The drudge physique is 8” in hole and allows for flexible underwater movement.

For some-more information on a ecological underwater drudge burst over to a Kickstarter crowdfunding website where a plan is now accessible to behind with pledges accessible from only $5.

Source: Kickstarter

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