FLIR C3 Rugged Thermal Camera Launches Q1 2017 For $699


FLIR C3 Thermal Camera

FLIR has launched a new slot sized imperishable thermal camera during CES 2017 this month that will be accessible to squeeze during Q1 2017 labelled during $699 and takes a form of a FLIR C3.

The FLIR C3 is an integrated thermal imaging scanner and has been combined for a home investigation market, contractors and meddlesome consumers.

The FLIR C3 can be used to detect moisture, electrical problems, feverishness leaks and includes a 3 in. touchscreen guard as good as built-in wireless connectivity that allows we to broadcast imagery directly to your smartphone and inscription inclination for viewing. FLIR press recover explains a small some-more :

Designed to be a go-to apparatus on a job, this dedicated, compact, imperishable thermal camera fits ideally in your slot and is good for building inspection, comforts maintenance, HVAC, or electrical repair.

With a three-inch touchscreen and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, a FLIR C3 allows we to fast share prisoner images and video with employers, customers, and colleagues to save time and urge productivity. Connect a FLIR C3 to a smartphone or inscription with a FLIR Tools Mobile app, and now send images, build a report, and send them off but withdrawal your jobsite.

The FLIR C3 has veteran turn facilities like those found in higher-end FLIR thermal cameras, like on-screen dimensions tools. Using a C3’s Hot Spot or Cold Spot feature, we can fast magnitude within a tangible area box. The camera will arrangement a mark meter, as good as a limit or smallest temperature, so we can now see where it’s a hottest or coldest.

The FLIR C3 includes both a FLIR Lepton thermal micro-camera and a manifest camera. Through FLIR’s law MSX® technology, we emboss a thermal picture over a manifest picture to emanate a crisp, entirely radiometric image.

Source: FLIR

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