Indie Defcon Electronic Conference Badge (video)


Indie Defcon Electronic Conference Badge

30,000+ visitors are approaching to make their approach to this year’s 15th Defcon 2017 annual hacking discussion hold in Las Vegas. If we would like to ascent your discussion badge though won’t have a time to penetrate one yourself.

You might be meddlesome in an electronic discussion badge in a form of a indie Defcon that has been combined by John Adams, who has taken to Kickstarter this month to lift a supports he requires to make a tiny prolongation run that will boat in time for this year’s Defcon event.

Watch a video next to learn some-more about a inspiration, construction and features.

Badge Hardware Specs – Our house is packs a full computer, display, and sound into a tradition 6″ x 3.5″ board:

• NXP (freescale) KW01 48Mhz processor (128K flash, 16K RAM) formed on a ARM Cortex-M0
• ChiBIOS real-time handling complement installed in flash
• 12-bit DAC and audio amplifier with a 17mm speaker
• 320×240 TFT hold shade with Micro-SD reader
• 4GB MicroSD card
• FTDI console on a same USB port
• JTAG (SWD) programming interface
• 12 WS2812 LEDs organised around a shade with 8 LED standing lights
• Five pleasing 4.2mm buttons organised in a Joypad with Enter button
• 915Mhz Radio with chip antenna
• 1200maH LiPo battery with full USB Charging circuit (no some-more acid all of Vegas for batteries during a con!)
• 12x WS2812B LEDs, aka NeoPixel
• Tilt sensor

Badge Functions

• Many LED settlement modes. Such blinky, so wow. 
• LED Dimming
• Badge to Badge Roman fighting diversion with mixed levels and RPG-like attributes. Level adult and conflict your friends!
• Video playback
• Digital Audio playback, audio amplifier, and speaker.

For some-more information on a electronic discussion badge burst over to a Kickstarter website around a couple next where pledges are accessible from $120 and shipping approaching to take place during Jul 2017.

Source: Kickstarter

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