Infinite Warfare Continuum DLC Now Available (video)


Infinite Warfare Continuum

New calm has currently been expelled for Infinite Warfare in a form of a latest DLC entitled Continuum, that provides some retro roller-skate movement as good as copiousness of zombies to take down regulating a skills of a Shaolin.

Watch a trailer subsequent for a some-more minute demeanour during what we can design from a latest Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Continuum DLC that is initial accessible on a PlayStation 4 and will be accessible after on a Xbox platform.

Time to mangle out your disco ball, glue adult your Mohawk, and get captivating as Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Continuum — a second map container — launches initial on PlayStation 4.

We’re bringing some fresh, funky, and singular calm to a diversion with Continuum. Our group has been personification along and poring over a comments, data, and info we’ve listened from a multiplayer village to make new maps that interest to both a biggest and a newest fans. To that end, we took another loving multiplayer map, Rust from Modern Warfare 2, reimagined it perched atop a gilded penthouse amidst a unconventional metropolis, and afterwards combined 3 new, environmentally sensuous maps that span good with a grand reimagining.

Additionally, a 4 ubiquitous, time-traveling heroes from Zombies in Spaceland have been pulled into a subsequent hideous film installment from executive Willard Wyler, set in one of a many rat-infested cities on earth.

It’s drum skates, disco, afros, punk rock, lots of Kung Fu, and rats to a max. Yep, it’s 1970s New York City. There’s no improved beam by this universe than a matchless Pam Grier. She’ll be your sensei in a latest zombies commune narrative, Shaolin Shuffle. Can we puncture it? And you’ll really puncture this demeanour during a new multiplayer maps. Check out some of a ways we crafted these maps to fit your particular character of play.

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