Lucid Air EV to Start at $52,500


The Lucid Air EV was unveiled late last year and since that unveil many have been wondering what the car would cost. Lucid has come in now and offered up pricing details on the car. An entry-level Lucid Air EV will start at $52,500. That price is after the federal tax credit for EVs which means the real base price is closer to $60,000.

The base level car will still have some cool features as well. It will get a 240-mile range, 400hp rear-wheel drive platform, all hardware needed for autonomous driving, two trunks with over 32 cubic feet of storage, 12-way power front seats, LED multi-lens array headlights, four screens inside the car, 5-seat configuration with a rear bench, ten airbags, 19-inch wheels, and the ability to get updates over-the-air.

Options can drive the price to around $100,000 and include a glass canopy roof, active suspension, 315-mile and 400-mile options, rear executive seats, 21-inch wheels, 29-speaker audio, and up to 1000hp AWD with twin-motors. Launch Edition vehicles will have 315-mile range, 1000hp, autonomous hardware, and more for over $100,000.

via Luid

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