New 101 CurieBot 32-Bit Arduino Robot Now Available For $99 (video)


New 101 CurieBot 32-Bit Arduino Robot

Anyone looking to start their tour into robotics might be meddlesome in this new Arduino drudge container that has been total by a group over during Adafruit and offers a good approach to learn how to build and module your really possess smartphone -controlled robot.

Arduino 101 CurieBot Pack provides all we need to build your Arduino drudge and afterwards be means to control it possibly regulating a smartwatch, smartphone or inscription regulating a messenger application.

Check out a video subsequent to learn some-more about a 101 CurieBot Arduino drudge and what can be achieved from a $99 container that includes :

◦ Black, Three-layer Round Robot Chassis Kit
◦ Arduino 101 with Intel Curie
◦ Adafruit Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield v2
◦ USB Cable – Standard A-B – 3 ft/1m
◦ 4 x AA Batteries
◦ 4 x AA Battery Holder w/ On/Off Switch
◦ 9V Battery
◦ 9V Battery Holder w/ On/Off Switch
◦ Shield stacking headers for Arduino
◦ Little Rubber Bumper – container of 4
◦ 1 x Rectangular square of froth tape
◦ 6-pin Extra Long Male Header
◦ 4 x Nylon 2.5mm vessel screws – For ascent your Arduino 101 to a tip rug of a robot
◦ 9 x Nylon conjuration nuts – Also for Arduino 101 fastening
◦ Mini Solderless Breadboard – 4×4 points – add it to a prototyping area to ascent your drudge with some-more sensors, lights, servos and beyond!


Adafruit explains some-more :

CurieBot is designed to deliver you to a joys of creation with electronics. We motionless to come adult with a fun container of tools that:

◦ Could deliver a amateur to making
◦ Teach soldering, wiring and programming skills
◦ Does not assume any before experience
◦ Comes with adequate fun tools that could be total and blending for months or years!

Instead of a standard processor, this one is make-up an Intel Curie 32-bit chip, which enables some really absolute on-board processing. The Arduino 101 also has a 6-axis accelerometer/gyro, and that’s not all — it’s got Bluetooth LE built directly onto a board, that enables approach control of CurieBot right from your Bluetooth-capable phone or tablet! It’s utterly identical to the AdaBox002 robot, though with an Arduino pushing it instead of a Feather.

If we are meddlesome in building Arduino projects these might yield impulse for your subsequent project.

Source: Adafruit

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