New 101 CurieBot 32-Bit Arduino Robot Now Available For $99 (video)


New 101 CurieBot 32-Bit Arduino Robot

Anyone looking to begin their journey into robotics may be interested in this new Arduino robot kit which has been created by the team over at Adafruit and offers a great way to learn how to build and program your very own smartphone -controlled robot.

Arduino 101 CurieBot Pack provides everything you need to build your Arduino robot and then be able to control it either using a smartwatch, smartphone or tablet using the companion application.

Check out the video below to learn more about the 101 CurieBot Arduino robot and what can be achieved from the $99 kit which includes :

◦ Black, Three-layer Round Robot Chassis Kit
◦ Arduino 101 with Intel Curie
◦ Adafruit Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield v2
◦ USB Cable – Standard A-B – 3 ft/1m
◦ 4 x AA Batteries
◦ 4 x AA Battery Holder w/ On/Off Switch
◦ 9V Battery
◦ 9V Battery Holder w/ On/Off Switch
◦ Shield stacking headers for Arduino
◦ Little Rubber Bumper – pack of 4
◦ 1 x Rectangular piece of foam tape
◦ 6-pin Extra Long Male Header
◦ 4 x Nylon 2.5mm pan screws – For mounting your Arduino 101 to the top deck of the robot
◦ 9 x Nylon hex nuts – Also for Arduino 101 fastening
◦ Mini Solderless Breadboard – 4×4 points – add it to the prototyping area to upgrade your robot with more sensors, lights, servos and beyond!


Adafruit explains more :

CurieBot is designed to introduce you to the joys of making with electronics. We decided to come up with a fun pack of parts that:

◦ Could introduce a beginner to making
◦ Teach soldering, electronics and programming skills
◦ Does not assume any prior experience
◦ Comes with enough fun parts that could be combined and adapted for months or years!

Instead of the typical processor, this one is packing an Intel Curie 32-bit chip, which enables some very powerful on-board processing. The Arduino 101 also has a 6-axis accelerometer/gyro, and that’s not all — it’s got Bluetooth LE built directly onto the board, which enables direct control of CurieBot right from your Bluetooth-capable phone or tablet! It’s quite similar to our AdaBox002 robot, but with an Arduino driving it instead of a Feather.

If you are interested in building Arduino projects these may provide inspiration for your next project.

Source: Adafruit

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