Nintendo Switch Equipped With Standard Tegra X1 Chip (video)


Nintendo Switch

It has been suggested this week that Nintendo’s new console a Switch is versed with a customary Tegra X1 chip, as propitious in a NVIDIA Shield Android TV console and set-top box.

It was formerly suspicion that Nintendo switch was versed with a tradition Tegra processor, yet it now seems that after serve review Nintendo has used a customary Tegra X1.

Watch a video next to learn some-more about a processor that is powering a hugely renouned Nintendo Switch console, that has been duly taken detached and ripped down by a array of opposite websites to learn what lies inside a casing.

Eurogamer explained a small some-more about a processor :

Nvidia settled unequivocally that a Switch processor was formed on a same pattern as a world’s top-performing GeForce graphics cards. Well, that’s a Pascal pattern powering a GTX 10 series, so by prolongation we done a judicious end that Switch was regulating a tradition Tegra X2 – and yes, we spent a good apportionment of a videocast articulate about that. Literally as a revise was completed, we schooled from sources that Nintendo was still lecture developers with a unequivocally X1-looking spec – in timeframes where a organisation would unequivocally be operative with final silicon.

At a time of a exhibit though, adequate ambiguity about a spec was left in Nvidia and Nintendo’s open proclamations (Pascal is radically a 16nm chronicle of Tegra X1’s 20nm Maxwell GPU tech) that we took a preference to mothball a Tegra X2-orientated videocast until we could find out more. It usually didn’t make clarity to recover a video deliberating a spec that didn’t compare with what Nintendo was revelation developers. As a months rolled on, and new information emerged, we still didn’t know to what border a hardware had been customised, yet we knew that Tegra X1 was a primary writer to a bottom design. While fans continued to wish that a X1 leaks were formed on deficient dev kits with ‘placeholder’ processors, no updates to a Switch spec were upheld on to developers – aside from near-final and final clock-speeds that usually unequivocally done clarity with a 20nm Tegra chip.

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Source: Eurogamer

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