No Man’s Sky Path Finder Update Trailer Reveals Vehicles, PS4 Pro Support And More (video)


No Man’s Sky Path Finder Update

Following on from a proclamation yesterday of new arriving calm for a No Man’s Sky diversion in a form of a Path Finder update.

Chris Hohbein from developer Hello Games has taken to a central PlayStation blog this week to exhibit some-more sum about what we can design in a refurbish as good as recover a trailer to smooth your ardour forward of a release.

Features we can design in a No Man’s Sky: Path Finder refurbish embody :

• PlayStation 4 Pro Support
• Improved Visuals
• Owning Multiple Ships
• Base Sharing Online
• New Vehicles — Exocraft
• Permadeath Mode
• Build Vehicle Race Tracks
• Ship Specializations and Classes
• Shop/Traders
• Double a Base Building Variety
• Multi-tool Specialization and Classes
• New Weapon Modes
• Photo Mode
• Discovery Menu
• Quality of Life Improvements
• 50% some-more strange song from 65daysofstatic

As a pretension suggests, Path Finder heralds a new epoch of heavenly scrutiny in No Man’s Sky. New vehicles, called Exocraft, capacitate explorers to transport during good speed opposite even a many inhospitable heavenly terrains. There are 3 Exocraft to clear and collect by Base Building, any of that can be serve softened with absolute weaponry, mining equipment, and long-range scanners to maximize their effectiveness.

For those seeking a ultimate challenge, we’ve introduced a brutally formidable new diversion mode called Permadeath. Not usually does this mode counterpart a high problem turn of Survival mode (which, by a way, has been done harder with shop-worn ships pile-up alighting on planets), though failing will also clean your saves and start we from a beginning. Of course, this deserves recognition, so new Trophies have been introduced for Survival and Permadeath mode.

No Man’s Sky has never looked better, with a horde of visible improvements including new high fortitude textures, softened lighting, ambient occlusion, and of march PS4 Pro support. Players looking to constraint their favorite moments can also make use of a new print mode. This screenshot apparatus lets players change a time of day, boost or diminution haze and cloud levels, clear their camera for a ideal angle, and even supplement filters to their screenshots. We can’t wait to see what a village can come adult with!

As some-more sum and trailers are expelled we will keep we present as always.

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