Nonstop Chuck Norris Game Coming To iOS And Android Next Month


Nonstop Chuck Norris

Martial Arts consultant and film star Chuck Norris has announced he is rising a new mobile game, a diversion is called Nonstop Chuck Norris.

The new Nonstop Chuck Norris diversion is entrance to Google’s Android height and Apple’s iOS height subsequent month and we can see a discerning preview of a diversion in a video below.

Nonstop Chuck Norris is an movement diversion for mobile inclination (iOS, Android) set to recover worldwide in late April. Downloadable for free, a diversion will concede we to strap a unstoppable energy of Chuck Norris, with your purpose being to act as a sidekick to a male himself. In this (literally) nonstop adventure, support Chuck Norris as he travels by mixed universes, fighting an gigantic society of punks and all-round bad dudes while collecting jokes and contribution about his mythological status. In addition, power-up Chuck Norris with dumb weapons such as foldable chairs, chainsaws and even selfie sticks, and unleash signature moves such as roundhouse kicks and fist slams.

You can find a some-more sum about a new Nonstop Chuck Norris diversion over during Flaregames during a couple below.

Source Flaregames, Slashgear

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