Raspberry Pi To DE0 Nano Connector (video)


Raspberry Pi To DE0 Nano Connector

Johannes Natter formed in Austria and partial of a group during DSP-Crowd has denounced a new Raspberry Pi to DE0 Nano connector a growth group has combined that is open source and now accessible to behind around Kickstarter.

Pledges are accessible from €19 for super early bird backers with shipping approaching to take place during Jul 2017. Watch a proof video next to learn some-more about a new Raspberry Pi connector and a features.

We are really gratified to deliver a initial gadget: The Raspberry Pi to DE0 Nano connector. Our house combines a advantages of dual good documented and upheld systems. Guess that ones ?

Correct! The initial one is a Raspberry Pi. For those who still don’t know a Raspberry Pi: It’s a really low-priced single-board mechanism grown by a Raspberry Pi Foundation to foster a training of simple mechanism scholarship in schools and in building countries. By Sep 2016, 10 million inclination of a Raspberry Pi family have found encouraged users. Because of a quarrel of GPIO (general purpose input/output) pins, a Raspberry Pi can be used in a lot of situations and projects besides typical personal computing stuff.

The second complement that is concerned is a DE0 Nano Development and Education Board done by Terasic. It contains a absolute ALTERA Cyclone IV FPGA with some-more than 22k proof elements, that can be remade into whatever digital circuit we want. If we ask “What can we do with this thing?” we would contend “Everything we can’t do with an Arduino or Raspberry Pi!”.

Jump over to Kickstarter for some-more sum and to perspective a full list of pledges accessible to backers. If we suffer building Pi projects we competence be meddlesome in a extensive list of Raspberry Pi displays, HATS and tiny screens.

Source: Kickstarter

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