Roofus All-In-One Gadget Measures, Squares, Levels And More (video)


Roofus All-In-One Gadget Measures, Squares, Levels

Carpenters, plumbers, roofers and other tradesmen looking for an all in one measuring, mixed block with bevel, protractor digital turn and speed block might be meddlesome in a new square of pack that has been grown by Australian Carpenter Sean Pepper.

Sean has taken to a Indiegogo crowdfunding website to lift a compulsory $55,000 to make a burst into prolongation bringing dual opposite versions to marketplace in possibly aluminium or ABS plastic.
Watch a video next to learn a resources of opposite uses a Roofus measuring apparatus can yield by mixing mixed collection in one easy to lift tool.

Introducing Roofus, a game-changing new invention for carpentry and other trades such as steel phony and roof plumbing. Do we ready and cut rectilinear building materials for any form of construction? You will substantially find a lot of uses for a Roofus. It can mislay a need for many normal blueprint tools. Be certain to review a story to see a opposite models and instructions for regulating a Roofus.

Standard models are done of durable lightweight ‘internally ribbed’ orange polycarbonate-ABS with immaculate and coronet hardware for the apparatus belt. Pro models are done of transparent anodised ‘internally ribbed’ aluminium with laser etched detail, immaculate and coronet hardware.

For some-more information on a new Roofus burst over to a Indiegogo website for sum and to make a oath from $49 by following a couple below.

Source: Indiegogo

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