Shiftcam iPhone 7 Plus Camera Lens Case Offers 3 Pairs of Dual Lenses (video)


Shiftcam iPhone 7 Plus Camera Lens Case

Smartphone photographers that use Apple’s new iPhone 7 Plus might be meddlesome in a new camera box that has been combined by Shiftcam and adds 6 opposite lenses to your portfolio expanding your detailed creativity even further.

The Shiftcam box skeleton a 180 grade fisheye, 10x macro, 120 grade wide-angle, 2x telephoto, 20x macro and a serve 2 x telephoto. Watch a proof video next for some-more information on this new box that is now accessible from $59 with smoothness approaching to take place during Aug 2017.


Introducing SHIFTCAM Case, a world’s initial 6-in-1 high peculiarity lens box for your iPhone 7 Plus. We all have moments that we wish we could safety during a finest. We trust holding photos is one of a best ways to keep a singular moments in a life.  It says “The best camera is a one that’s with you” when a impulse arrives. That’s because we’ve combined SHIFTCAM, to supply we with 6 essential lenses, anytime, anywhere.

The some-more examples of what we can design from any lens burst over to a central Kickstarter debate page by following a couple next where pledges are accessible from $59.

Source: Kickstarter

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