Smart Buckle Transforms Any Watch Into A Smart Watch (video)


Smart Buckle

Smart Buckle is a new tool designed by a growth group formed in San Francisco, and can renovate any customary watch into a smartwatch in only a few seconds.

Simply reinstate your customary watch bend with a Smart Buckle and suffer intelligent connectivity including activity tracking, nap patterns and more. Watch a proof video next to learn how simply a Smart Buckle can be trustworthy to roughly any watch.

The growth group behind a Smart Buckle that is accessible from $39 explain some-more about a features.

We engineered Smart Buckle with facilities to say a firmness of your classical timepieces while adding complicated day wearable technology:
• Activity Tracker – 3-Axis gyro, bony velocity, and suit sensors calculate steps, pace, distance, calories burned, and nap patterns.
• Smartphone App – Monitor your daily, weekly, monthly activity, and nap information with a iOS or Android App.
• Quality Materials – Designed with high class immaculate steel finish to compare and safeguard a firmness of your normal watch.
• Affordable – Starting during $39, Smart Buckle is a many affordable and underline installed wearable activity tracker on a market.
• Shipping Time – Committed to a backers and will boat to we within 45 days of a Kickstarter debate end.

Replace your watch’s stream grip with Smart Buckle to ascent any watch with a latest wearable activity tracker smartwatch tech.

Source: Kickstarter

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