This Week On Xbox : Project Scorpio (video)


Microsoft has as expected released a new episode in its ongoing This Week On Xbox series bringing you the latest news from the Xbox platform and bringing you up to speed with everything that has been released in the way of new games.

This week’s episode of the ongoing series includes more details about the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on Xbox One through Backward Compatibility and provides more details on the new and highly anticipated Project Scorpio hardware, as well as more details on Forza and much more.

Microsoft explains a little more about Project Scorpio :

The world’s most powerful console. The most powerful console ever, featuring 6 Teraflops of graphical processing power, true 4K gaming, and compatibility with Xbox One games and accessories.

– With 6 Teraflops, 326GB/s of Memory Bandwidth and advanced, custom silicon, the Scorpio Engine is the most powerful console gaming processor ever created.

– A first for home consoles, Project Scorpio’s Vapour Chamber uses advanced liquid cooling to ensure the Scorpio Engine stays cool.

– A supercharger-style Centrifugal Fan rapidly pulls in and compresses air to deliver maximum cooling with minimum noise.

– To maximise performance and minimise power consumption, Project Scorpio uses the Hovis Method, a cutting edge digital power delivery system that custom tunes each console’s voltage.

Specifications for the new Xbox console include:

• CPU Eight custom x86 cores clocked at 2.3GHz
• GPU 40 customised compute units at 1172MHz
• Memory 12GB GDDR5
• Memory Bandwidth 326GB/s
• Hard Drive 1TB 2.5-inch
• Optical Drive 4K UHD Blu-ray

Source: Major Nelson

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