Ti Pocket Pro Auto Adjusting EDC Pen Access Over 80 Refills (video)


Ti Pocket Pro Auto Adjusting EDC Pen

Chadwick Parker and Joe Huang based in Chicago have created a new auto adjusting EDC pen constructed from titanium and capable of supporting over 80 different refills without any gaps, hacks or “tip wiggle” says the team.

Enabling you to always have a refill handy wherever you may be in the world. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the Ti Pocket Pro auto adjusting EDC pen which is now available to back via Kickstarter with pledges available from just $59.

If all goes well shipping of the Ti Pocket Pro pen is expected to take place during August 2017. The duo explain more about its inspiration and design, which is capable of accommodating over 80 different refills.

Since 2011, we’ve been focused on innovating and redesigning EDC products to be more versatile and open up better options for people. We love creating purposeful everyday carry items that are built for life, change the rules, and challenge the industry expectations for the better.

The Ti Pocket Pro is the only pen that can seamlessly telescope to accommodate 80+ different refills without any guesswork, gaps, hacks, modifications, spacers, or tip-wiggle. It’s seemingly effortless ability to transform in length to perfectly fit both parker-style ballpoint refills and standard rollerball refills without any visible gaps or hacks makes it a pen without peers.

The short version:

A refill is the heart of the pen and most impressions of a good/bad pen is largely due to the quality ink and refill inside. So, being able to effortlessly swap out refills at will, (or when one manufacture goes out of business) allows you to control how your pen writes, and keep your pen alive for generations.

The long version:

We find that the majority of people typically like (or dislike) a pen based on a refill related preference. After all, the refill ink and tip design is what largely contributes to the dry time, line consistency, and how/if the ink will even stick to certain paper types.

The majority of mass-market pens (regardless of price) will lock you into buy their proprietary refill, forcing you to buy a new pen if you want to use another brand or refill inside.
So, being able to swap out 80+ popular refills without any headache, spacers, or hacks allows you to keep a grade 5 titanium pen body for a lifetime. You can literately pass down a functional piece of family history to future generations that helped record yours.

For more information on the new Ti Pocket Pro jump over to the Kickstarter website for details by following the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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