Trajectio Smart Home Controller Supporting Sonos And Hue (video)


Trajectio Motion Powered Hue And Sonos Controller

A new gesticulate and suit intelligent home controller launched around Kickstarter this week that has been grown by a group formed in a UK, who are looking to lift £20,000 over a subsequent 30 days to make a burst into production.

Trajectio is a suit powered home automation regulating widely accessible sensors to detect suit and spin on your Phillips Hue lights and Sonos speakers.

Gesture Controller

Trajectio is now accessible to behind around Kickstarter from £99 with smoothness approaching to take place during Oct 2017. Check out a proof video next to learn more.

Trajectio started as a home plan to overcome an awkwardly placed light switch and get some-more out of costly home intelligent inclination already purchased. After realising a impact, I’d adore to move Trajectio to your home too. we am now on a sabbatical from my purpose as a Technology Consultant and as we have seen in a timeline, have been operative on Trajectio during my gangling time for a final 16 or so months.

For some-more information on Trajectio and all accessible pledges burst over to a Kickstarter crowdfunding website around a couple below.

Source: Kickstarter

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