Unique Linear Geared Timepiece Powered By Arduino (video)


Unique Linear Geared Timepiece Powered By Arduino

Anyone looking for a project to keep them busy over the next few weekends may be interested in this awesome linear timepiece which has been created by full-time Instructables designer Jonathan Odom.

The aptly named JON-A-TRON has been designed to use two rack and pinion assemblies to move a line of numbers for hours on top of another line signifying minutes. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about its unique linear time telling technology.

As you can see from the images the minute “hand” is divided up into five-minute intervals and magnifying glasses have been used to provide an indication of the hour and minute, And is all powered using an Arduino Uno microcontroller. It’s creator explains a little more about the inspiration behind the unique timepiece:

No matter what Deepak Chopra tells you, time is linear. Hopefully this clock is a little closer to reality than the circular ones we’re all used to. The five minute intervals feel less neurotic than being precise down to the minute, and each number is magnified, reminding you to focus on the present.

I made this using just about every machine at Pier 9 (waterjet, sand blaster, laser cutter, 3D printer, electronics lab, etc.). It’s made of 6061 aluminum, steel hardware (screws, nuts, bearings), 3D printed gears, an Arduino Uno, and the hour and minute panels are laser cut / etched plywood.

Of course I know this project isn’t accessible to almost everyone who doesn’t have the insanely good fortune of having access to a shop like this, but hopefully you’ll find it inspiring.

For full instructions on how to create your very own jump over to the official Instructables website by following the link below.

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