YouTubers now need at least 10,000 views to make money with ads


It looks like it is getting tougher for new Youtubers to make money. YouTube has been making a lot of changes lately. The latest update to its Partner Program puts a 10,000 channel view minimum requirement on creators before it will allow ads to be displayed on those videos.

In a few weeks, the company will roll out a review process to evaluate new applicants for the partner program. This is designed to weed out illegitimate channels and prevent them from earning ad money off the service. However, it does hurt smaller users who don’t have many views.It makes things harder.

YouTube says that the 10,000 threshold provides enough information to “determine the validity of a channel” while ensuring “minimal impact on our aspiring creators.” It is asking beginners to check out its Creator Academy for tips on how to produce original content and grow an audience. If you have already been making money from ads despite not having collected 10,000 channel views, you will get to keep your earnings,so that is something. But from here on, that source of income will be shut down. Sorry small timers.

When you gain the followers needed, you can apply for the partner program to start earning all the advertising dollars from YouTube.

Source Engadget

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