ZUS Smart Tire Safety Smartphone Monitoring System (video)


ZUS Smart Tire Safety Smartphone Monitoring System

Checking a tire vigour on your automobile manually is infrequently one of those jobs that sometimes gets neglected, even yet delayed atmosphere leaks and underinflated tires can finish in horrific consequences.

One developer has now combined a smartphone tire monitoring complement that uses a messenger focus and 4 atmosphere valve nozzles that are propitious to any tire on your automobile or vehicle. Watch a proof video next to learn some-more about ZUS.

The developer of ZUS explains more:

Slow atmosphere leaks caused by screws for instance are tough to detect since a steam rate is too low (i.e. ~0.1% PSI per hour) to be discernible when compared to healthy vigour fluctuations that occur during a day as heat rises and falls. Consequently, normal tire vigour guard systems skip these delayed leaks.~

The ZUS app stores your car’s heat and vigour history, permitting our AccurateTemp Algorithm to normalize temperature fluctuations via a day, so that we can see accurate tire vigour changes. In this way, we can tell either your tires are leaking solemnly or not.

Source: Indiegogo

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