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Apple iPhone XS Review

Apple iPhone XS Review: Discover all you need to know

Are you an iPhone fan or just checking around online for reviews of some best smartphones in the market this year? To be honest with you, the Apple iPhone XS is surely one of the best smartphones that hit the market this year, and it’s truly a phone that worth’s...

Apple iPhone X Review

Apple iPhone X Review: Discover all you need to know

There is no doubt that the Apple iPhone X is a revolutionary phone. The phone was designed to create a full-screen display while also putting a notch for the camera and other essential functions. These newly added features make the Apple iPhone X quite an interesting phone and one that...

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Review

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Review: discover all you need to know

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is one of the most advanced phones introduced by Samsung. The technology, specs, features and screen size of the phone has grabbed the attention of many tech-savvy individuals. If you are planning on investing in the latest smartphone, we have a complete Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus...