Phone Reviews

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Review: DiscoverAll You Need To Know.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10, has rightly named the ‘DaVinci’. With the amazing Dynamic AMOLED display with 4K resolution and much more features, this handset …

Review of Huawei P30 Pro
Phone Reviews

Huawei P30 Pro Review: Is this Phone Worth Buying?

With the invention of  Huawei P30 Pro, Huawei is changing the stage of flagship smartphones and providing excellent options for your next phone upgrade. There …

Review of Google Pixel 4XL
Google Pixel Phones

Google Pixel 4XL Review: Discover the Pros and Cons

With the invention of Google Pixel 4XL, Pixel phone lovers now have a better choice of phone for their phone upgrade. The Google Pixel 4XL …

OnePlus 8 Pro Review
OnePlus Phones

OnePlus 8 Pro Review: Discover all you need to know about the 8 Pro.

Smartphones have evolved over time and continuously shape how people communicate, among other functionalities. Initially, a basic mobile phone was designed to make calls and …

Samsung Galaxy S9
Phone Reviews

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Review

The Samsung Galaxy S9 series rolled out, each with different specifications and features making one slightly better than the other. The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus …

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