About Us

Tech Guru Guy

Tech Guru Guy is your helping hand that is dedicated to providing you with quality content and in-depth analysis on smartphones, laptops, tablets, home security systems and essential technology accessories. 

Our expert team performs severe testing on every product we review to give readers the most comprehensive information.

Our Aim

At Tech Guru Guy, we value the importance of reliable content for our readers. We understand the vast amount of content available on the web, which is why we have implemented a rigorous testing process for each review before it is posted. This ensures that our readers can trust the accuracy and authenticity of our reviews.

Moreover, technology is evolving, and we believe readers need extra helpful guides on product usage and common faults or errors which need simple fixes. 

After several years of blogging, we have received invaluable feedback from readers that helped enhance the testing and findings, resulting in more informative content to assist them in making informed decisions.

Meet The Director & Founder: Zeeshan Yousaf

As the founder of Tech Guru Guy, Zeeshan’s roots lie in software development, but it’s his enthusiasm for technology and innovation that truly sets him apart. 

With his curiosity about the inner workings of phones and computers, he began deconstructing them, soon becoming adept at resolving software and hardware anomalies. 

This journey of discovery and problem-solving inspired him to start writing articles, which, over time, blossomed into the expansive tech resource that is Tech Guru Guy today.

Zeeshan also believes in the ongoing digital shift from Web 1.0 and 2.0 to the era of Web 3.0 and perceives a significant change where AI and Virtual Reality will be integral components. Against this backdrop, he is staunchly committed to producing content that not only educates but also simplifies, ensuring users truly grasp the essence and potential of their tech gadgets.