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Does Apple Laptop Have Touch Screen? Here Are All You Need To Know

Apple is known for producing a variety of digital gadgets ranging from iPhones, iPods, iPads, and wearables to Macintosh laptop computers which are called MacBooks. Apple gadgets are popularly known for their distinct features, which provide great customer satisfaction.

MacBooks are of various kinds, such as the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, each of these MacBooks has its own model. The operating system in use for MacBooks is the macOS. 

Although a variety of laptop brands such as Dell, Lenovo, and HP have implemented the touchscreen feature on their laptops, Apple is yet to implement the touchscreen feature in their MacBooks. 

In the words of John Termus, the senior vice president of hardware engineering for Apple, “We make the world’s best touch computer on an iPad. 

It is totally optimised for that. And the Mac is totally optimised for indirect input. We have not really felt a reason to change that”.

It does not seem like a touchscreen will be implemented to the MacBook soon because it is quite obvious that the major reason why MacBooks do not have the touchscreen feature is because of their iPads which are designed with a M1 processor and delivers up to 60% faster performance, and is supposedly faster than Windows PCs. 

Does The Apple Laptop Have Bluetooth_

Does The Apple Laptop Have Bluetooth?

Yes, the Apple laptop does have Bluetooth capabilities. This means that it can be connected wirelessly to other devices that also have Bluetooth, such as phones, headphones, and speakers.

This can be a convenient way to share data or files between devices or to listen to music through headphones without having to use a wired connection.

Does The Apple Laptop Need Antivirus_

Does The Apple Laptop Need Antivirus?

While Apple laptops are not as susceptible to viruses and malware as PCs, they are not immune. There are a number of reasons why you should still install antivirus software on your Apple laptop. 

First, even though Apple laptops are not as vulnerable to viruses as PCs, they can still get infected. While the likelihood of this is low, it is still possible. If your laptop does become infected, it could be challenging to remove the virus. 

Second, even if your laptop does not become infected directly with a virus, you could still inadvertently infect other devices. For example, if you connect to a public Wi-Fi network, your laptop could pick up a virus from another device on the network.

Is An Apple Laptop Good For Gaming

Is An Apple Laptop Good For Gaming?

Apple laptops are generally good for gaming, although there are some essential factors to consider. 

The first is the type of processor that the laptop has. Apple laptops typically use Intel processors, which are suitable for gaming. However, some gamers prefer AMD processors, which may offer better performance. 

The second factor to consider is the graphics card. Apple laptops typically use integrated graphics cards, which are good for casual gaming but may not be suitable for more demanding games. 

For more demanding games, you may need a dedicated graphics card. The third factor to consider is the amount of RAM. 

Apple laptops typically have 8 GB of RAM, which is sufficient for gaming. However, if you want to play the most demanding games, you may need 16 GB of RAM or higher RAM.


Apple laptops, majorly referred to as MacBooks, have standout features and specifications; however, they do not have the touchscreen feature so if owning a touchscreen laptop is vital for you, the Apple laptop might not be your best option.

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