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Is the Oneplus Nord N10 5G waterproof?

Oneplus Nord N10 5G is an affordable Android smartphone that provides an impressive 5G internet connectivity, which has high internet speed and works faster by allowing users to download movies, videos and music in seconds rather than minutes.

 This smartphone comes in just midnight ice colour, has a sturdy build and is packed with great specifications.  

Is the Oneplus Nord N10 5G waterproof_

Is the Oneplus Nord N10 5G waterproof?

The Oneplus Nord N10 5G is designed with extra seals to prevent damage from dust, water splashes and raindrops, which ultimately guarantees users of durability.

Top 4 Oneplus Nord N10 5G waterproof case

Top 4 Oneplus Nord N10 5G waterproof case

Just like tempered glasses are a great way to protect the screen of your phone from scratches, waterproof cases are a great way to provide your phone with protection from external damages – but that’s not even all. They also give your phone a new look and feel.

Oneplus Nord N10 5G waterproof cases give your phone a premium feel, and users have a sense of satisfaction when using these waterproof cases by Oneplus Nord N10 5G.

Some of the best waterproof cases by Oneplus Nord N10 5G include: 

  1. Oneplus Nord N10 Designer case: For lovers of patterns and designs, this waterproof case is recommended because it has a colourful sunflower floral pattern design on the rear panel. As a TPU case, this designer case is extremely lightweight and offers a good level of protection for your phone. This case has a distinct cutout for your fingerprint sensor and camera module. There’s also a raised lip which protects the front lip and camera module from unexpected falls.
  1. Oneplus Nord N10 5G Flip-Back Cover: This flip back cover has a variety of catchy colours like black, rose gold, wine red, blue-green, grey, light brown, purple, blue and red. The flip back cover provides 360-degree protection since your phone’s screen is always covered, except when in use. Magnets are in place to lock your phone, and as such, when your phone falls accidentally, you can be rest assured that your screen is protected from scratches and damages. 

This case is especially recommended for users that do not prefer open cases, and it comes with pockets with which you can safely keep your cards, bills and some money. There is also an inbuilt stand that allows you to enjoy your movies or videos wirelessly. The Oneplus Nord N10 5G Flip-Back Cover is pocket-friendly.

  1. Xundd Case for Oneplus Nord N10 5G: With a Certified Military Grade Anti-Drop Case, this phone case is solid as it has been tested to withstand falls from a 5ft height to hard ground. The Xundd case has a transparent back and comes in black and blue colours only. It is also lightweight and has a TPU bumper frame which provides all-around 360-degree protection for your phone.

The volume and power button by the side of this case has a distinct colour which makes it stand out. It also comes with an exact carve for your camera module and fingerprint scanner. Basically, the Xundd case offers users great 360-degree protection and a Oneplus back panel.

  1. Oneplus Nord N10 5G case with built-in screen protector: Available in black, blue and red, this case offers extra protection as it comes with an additional built-in screen protector. The fingerprint scanner and camera module in this phone case are cut out precisely. The back panel of this case is rugged, and it is military-grade drop certified which makes it resistant to accidental drops. With the inbuilt stand that this case comes with, you can place your phone on a flat surface to enjoy movies and videos.


The Oneplus Nord N10 5G is an affordable and durable Android smartphone that provides 5G internet connectivity. It is designed with additional seals that protect your phone from damages that dust, water splashes and raindrops can cause. 

This phone also comes with waterproof cases that are solid, protect the phone from damage and keep the phone looking new.

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