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What is Google Smart Home?

Whenever I hear the word, “smart”, three words come to mind. “Automation”, “Intelligence”, and “Control”. That’s the idea that all smart devices were created around.

Your smartphone is an intelligent piece of technology that gives you control over a variety of systems such as; information, Knowledge, and access to the world, all from the palm of your hands. 

It has provided a level of automation for almost every aspect of our lives. Everything you do can be carried out automatically by a simple command or statement to save our time and thereby make us more efficient, and that’s what it means to be “smart”.

So, when I first heard the smart word homes, it immediately clicked in my head. It was all about bringing that same level of “intelligence”, “control”, and “automation” that we get with our phones to our homes. 

A smart home is any house that has been outfitted with specific devices that can help automate almost every aspect of home living, right from cooking, cleaning, entertainment, and security all being controlled right from your fingertips from anywhere you find yourself.

 Whether you’re in the living room and you forgot to turn on the dryer. You don’t have to get up to turn it on; just use your phone to turn on the smart dryer or ask your google assistant to turn on the dryer for you. It’s all about the convenience a smart home brings to make your life easier. 

So, Then What is Google Smart Home_

So, Then What is Google Smart Home?

The Google smart home is a platform that lets all Google account holders control all of their compatible connected devices through the Google Home app and Google Assistant. Everything from TVs, speakers, fridges, doors, locks and even your washing machines is all right at your fingertips. It costs about $100 on the Google store and Amazon.

All this is possible because of the built-in modes of communication and connection such as; Bluetooth, ZigBee, NFC, Wi-Fi, or mobile networks like 5G and 4G. They all can operate and interact with some level of autonomy.

Is a Google Smart Home Safe?

The Google smart home is safe to use, and the app is heavily encrypted and protected by Google protect and has strong support from Google’s development team. 

How do I set up the Google Home app_

How do I set up the Google Home app?

It’s a simple process; all you have to do is follow these simple steps;

  • Step 1; Download the Google Home app on either your phone or tablet.
  • Step 2; Sign in with any of the Google accounts you wish to use if it doesn’t sign you in automatically.
  • Step 3; Pick set up a new device then pick your home location using your location settings then add a personal address yourself.
  • Step 4; Search for your google home hub speaker whether it’s the nest or mini, then sync up your device.
  • Step 5; Connect both devices to a Wi-Fi hub so that both your phone and your home hub device can begin to communicate. 
  • Step 6; Setup your voice activation prompt so that Google assistant can always recognise your voice and respond to only you.
  • Step 7; Link all the media and payment options that you want.

So, just like that, you have your Google hub and home app all set up.

What is the Google Home App Used for? 

The Google Home app is used for setting up and controlling all your Google Home compatible devices, such as; Google chrome cast, Google Nest, Google speakers, Google Nest smart locks, and your Google security cameras.


The Google home platform is a very novel idea and has presented us with total control over our entire household, all from our fingertips. It provides us with the perfect opportunity to improve our living and way one day be in every home so that all homes will be smart ones.

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