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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Review

The Samsung Galaxy S9 series rolled out, each with different specifications and features making one slightly better than the other. The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus came with a slightly bigger screen than the Samsung Galaxy S9.  A larger screen improves the look of the phone and makes it easier to handles. But, more importantly, the 6.2inch screen of the device makes media viewing a more beautiful experience.

Is Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Worth Buying?

When you read the Samsung galaxy plus review, you are wondering if it is worth a purchase. The camera is one important factor when people are getting a phone, and with the added extra camera in the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, it makes it a better choice. So, yes, this device is worth the buy. 

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Design

As usual, Samsung’s beautiful glass and metal design come to play this time around and ever so elegantly, it works. This comes with a fingerprint sensor at the back, in the center, just below the camera. It has stereo speakers as well. This is one of those sleek designs you would love to take a picture in front of a restroom mirror. 

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Display

The only display size available for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is the 6.2inch 2,960×1,440-pixel resolution

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Performance and Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has a 3500mAh battery which takes 1hour 41 minutes to get to a full charge when plugged. The battery can last all day with minimal usage, however, if you have to use it with the Internet on 4g, it might not last till midday and would require a charge. 
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