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Why is My Ring Stick-Up Cam Not Working?

A Ring stick-up cam is a very useful security camera, and it helps keep your home and loved ones safe. The Ring stick-up cam is a wire-free cam designed to be placed anywhere around your home and can be moved around freely since it does not require any cabling or connection boxes. However, like any piece of technology, it is liable to break down occasionally or stop working due to a bad installation process.

So, in this article, I’ll be going through some of the reasons why your Ring stick-up cam may not be working, and I’ll also be going over some of the possible solutions you can make use of before you must send it in for repairs or throw it away.

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Why is My Ring Stick-Up Cam Not Working?

Several things may be causing your ring security camera to not work.

  • The first thing to do would be to try another outlet. It may be that the one you are using may be faulty.
  • If your camera is still not working, then unplug the camera from the power source and then plug it back in again.
  • If the problem persists, then hold the setup button for the twenty-second and if that doesn’t work. You will need to contact a support team.

If your Ring Stick Up Cam is not connecting to the Internet or Wi-Fi

  • The first step is to completely close and re-open the Ring app.
  • Then, ensure that your Ring stick-up cam is turned on and plugged in.
  • If it’s plugged in and still not connecting to Wi-Fi, try another outlet.
  • If all else fails, restart your router and repeat the setup process, making sure your devices are in close proximity to the router and entering your password correctly.
  • If that doesn’t work, contact Ring customer service.

If your Ring Stick Up Cam Keeps Showing an Offline Notification

  • Make sure your security camera is turned on and plugged in.
  • Then reconnect it to your Wi-Fi network and restart the camera.
  • If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to restart your router and repeat the process.
  • Then, on your Ring app, check the most recently reported Wi-Fi signal to see if it is weak or strong. If it is poor, you may need to relocate it closer to your router or purchase a Wi-Fi extender.
  • If this still does not work, you should contact customer service and file a complaint.
If Your Ring Stick Up Cam is not Recording Sound_

If Your Ring Stick-Up Cam is not Recording Sound?

  • The first thing to do would be to verify that the audio streaming and recording toggle on the Ring app is turned on.
  • Then make sure the volume is turned up.
  • Then hold the setup button on the top of your camera for twenty seconds and then test the audio again.
  • Then try to remove the camera from the power source and reinsert it, then test the audio again.
  • You can also try the reboot button in the Ring app if you are not still hearing anything.
  • If all else fails, you will need to contact customer service.

How do I Improve My Sound Quality?

  • Bring your Ring stick-up cam closer to your Wi-Fi router and try triggering an event to see if the sound improves. If the sound improves, you may want to consider purchasing a Wi-Fi extender to improve your connection.
  • If that doesn’t help, try holding down the setup button for 20 seconds and trying again.
  • If that doesn’t help, remove the device from its power source, reinsert it, and test the audio again.
  • If that does not work, you must contact customer service for further assistance.

If your Ring Stick Up Doesn’t Detect People at Night

  • The first solution may necessitate turning on the Ring Stick Up Cam’s infrared lights via the Ring app.
  • Check that your camera is not facing a window, as this may interfere with your infrared lights.
  • Then, check the device status on your Ring app to ensure that your firmware is up to date.
  • If nothing changes, you will need to reinstall the app.
  • If that still doesn’t work, you’ll need to contact customer service.
How do I reset my Ring Stick Up Security Camera_

How do I reset my Ring Stick Up Security Camera?

You can hard reset your Ring stick-up security camera without removing it from your Ring app. The setup button is a physical reset button that you can hold down for 10–20 seconds. It’s an orange button next to the battery slot, hidden behind a cover on the back of the camera.

How Do I Know If My Ring Stick-Up Cam is Recording?

When recording or watching a live view, all Ring security cameras have a light on the front. If you have it set up on the Ring app, it will also send you motion alerts to your phone.


Technology can sometimes have issues, whether it’s from damage or just general wear and tear. Regardless of the cause, it’s always helpful to know some troubleshooting tips because they can come in handy when you least expect it. Hopefully, some of the tips provided in this article will be useful to you in the future.

Thanks, and good luck!

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