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How long does the Ring Stick Up Cam battery last?

The need to bolster security for the protection of homes and properties has made the use of security cameras rampant. These cameras can be powered with the use of rechargeable batteries, Power Over Ethernet (POE), DC Power, AC Power, and solar panels. 

As the second generation of the original Stick Up Cam, the Ring Stick Up Cam battery is an affordable but versatile camera that can easily be mounted on a wall or flat surface indoors or outdoors. 

Since this camera uses a battery, it is best placed in areas that don’t have steady access to power. 

You can use a solar panel with your Ring Stick Up cam battery because it is environmentally friendly and will keep your camera on 24/7 so that you never run out of power.

Some key features of the Ring Stick Up Cam battery are its easy installation, video with 1080p HD, live view and colour night vision, advanced motion detection with customisable motion zones, 130°diagonal, 110° horizontal, 57° vertical field of view, and its two-way audio with noise cancellation. 

This camera is also weather-resistant, with an IP rating of IPX5. But that’s not all – this camera has Alexa and Google Assistant integrations for voice commands. 

The Ring Stick Up cam battery works best with other Ring Security cameras. This article is focused on the durability of the Ring Stick Up cam battery.

How long does the Ring Stick Up cam battery last__

How long does the Ring Stick Up cam battery last?

Just as the name suggests, the Ring Stick Up cam battery is a battery-operated camera. This means that it can be recharged whenever the battery runs out. 

Basically, the lifespan of this camera depends on certain factors. On typical usage, the battery of this camera can last for up to 3 – 6 months between charges. However, on light usage and under ideal conditions, the Ring Stick Up cam battery can last as long as 12 months.

How often should I charge the Ring Stick-Up cam?

The frequency of usage is a major determinant of how often this camera should be charged. Certain features and settings can result in the battery life draining faster than it normally would. Some of these features include live-streaming for a long duration, cold weather, several motion events, etc.

When you get a low battery notification, you can easily remove the battery from the camera and charge it. Recharging this battery takes between 5 -10 hours.

How can I make my Ring Stick Up Cam battery last longer_

How can I make my Ring Stick Up Cam battery last longer?

To extend the battery life of your Ring Stick Up cam battery, you can invest in a second battery. Having a backup battery will keep your camera functioning when you have to recharge the main battery. 

Taking the steps below will also greatly help in extending the battery life of your camera:

  • Turn off the Live View feature: This feature is battery draining, and as such, turning it off will make the battery of your camera last longer. You can also turn off other features that drain the battery faster
  • Change motion frequency: Setting your motion frequency to Periodically offers a longer battery life
  • Change motion settings to a lower sensitivity
  • Change Smart Alerts to either “Standard” or “Light.”
  • Reduce the brightness to extend battery life

Should I buy a backup battery for my Ring Stick-Up Cam?

Since the Ring Stick Up cam can last for as long as 6 -12 months, buying a backup battery is not particularly necessary. However, to prevent downtime, buying a backup battery for your camera is a good investment because it will keep your camera working when your original battery is charging.

How do I know if my Ring Stick Up Cam battery is dying_

How do I know if my Ring Stick Up Cam battery is dying?

When the battery of your Ring Stick Up cam is running out of power, you will get notified via mail or through the Ring App. 

Also, you can easily check the battery percentage of your Ring Stick Up cam directly from your Ring App. To see your remaining battery per cent and know if you need to recharge your battery, do the following: 

  • Tap the three lines on the top left
  • Tap Devices
  • Select the camera of your Ring Stick Up Cam
  • Tap Device Health
  • Check the battery percentage under the Battery level.

Knowing the battery per cent of your Ring Stick Up cam will let you know when your battery is dying, so you can recharge.

What happens if my Ring Stick Up Cam battery dies?

It is advised that you prevent the battery of the Ring Stick Up Cam from going completely out of power before you charge it. However, in case you do not monitor the battery life and it dies, the camera stops functioning since it is a battery-operated camera.

Charging the Ring Stick Up Cam can be done simply by plugging the provided orange micro-USB cable into the battery’s charging port. During charge, both the red and green lights will light up simultaneously. When it is fully charged, the battery light shows just the green colour. This battery can charge fully within 5-10 hours.

How do I replace my Ring Stick Up Cam battery_

How do I replace my Ring Stick Up Cam battery?

When your battery displays a solid green colour during charge, it means that your battery is fully charged and should be put back in the camera. 

Replacing the battery of your Ring Stick Up cam is an entirely seamless process, simply do the following:

  • Remove the battery cover on your camera by twisting it counterclockwise to unlock
  • Then insert the battery into the bottom of your camera till it locks firmly in place. When the battery is secure in the camera, there will be a click.
  • Finally, reattach the battery cover.


Conclusively, the Ring Stick Up cam battery is an affordable, durable and versatile camera that comes packed with high-performance security features that guarantee users of a stand-out performance. 

The battery of this camera can last between 6 – 12 months, depending on factors such as the usage frequency. To prevent downtime, you can conveniently monitor the battery life of this camera from its mobile app so that you know when to recharge the battery and keep your camera running.

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