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Does The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Support The S Pen?

The Samsung Galaxy tab A7 was released in 2020 and comes in colour variants like dark grey, silver and gold. It has a screen display size of 10.4inches with a max screen resolution of 2000 x 1200 pixels. It also comes packed with a Li-Po 7040 mAh non-removable battery that can last several hours without being charged.

The S pen, which works like a magic wand, is a motion sensor charged with note-taking and remote control functions. It provides users with easy and understandable gestures to help control the camera. 

The S Pen can be used to zoom in or out, switch between cameras and also make videos. The control gestures enable you to get the shots right.

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Does The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Support The S Pen?

The short answer is no; the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 does not support the S Pen. The S Pen is an accessory that is specific to the Samsung Galaxy Note lineup of devices and is not compatible with any other devices. If you are looking for a tablet that supports a stylus, you may want to consider the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, which does support the S Pen.

So, if the S-pen is one of your reasons for buying the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7, you will have to consider other models because this model does not support the S pen. 

However, you can still buy a generic stylus that will work with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 but bear in mind that it will not have all the features that the S Pen offers on the Galaxy Note devices.

What Type Of S Pen Does The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Support

What Type Of S Pen Does The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Support?

The S pen is not designed to work with a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7. Asides from not having the S-pen support, it also does not support the DeX mode and a snap-on magnetic keyboard. Regardless of this tablet lacking the S-pen, it is great for browsing the web, playing casual games, writing and making presentations on Google Docs.

How Well Does The S Pen Work With The Tab A7?

The Tab A7 lacks the support of the S pen. The S pen works great on Samsung tablets such as the Galaxy S2 ultra, Galaxy tab S4, Galaxy Note series and Galaxy tab S6 lite.

What are the benefits of using the S pen with the Tab A7?

Although the S pen is not designed to work with the Tab A7, it has various benefits and functions which provide shortcuts to enable speed in the workflow. Tablets that are compatible with the S pen allow users to do things faster, easier and better. It also helps to pen down ideas, create what you want and also draw things that give you inspiration. 

The S pen also serves as a navigator for camera, presentation, music and writing. 

Are there any drawbacks to using the S pen with the Tab A7

Are There Any Drawbacks To Using The S Pen With The Tab A7?

A major disadvantage that comes with using the S pen on other Samsung devices is that the ultracapacitor of an S pen contains less energy than a lithium battery of the same level. Therefore, the S pen has just 30 minutes of life away from the device it uses. Also, only a few Samsung devices support the S pen.

How Does The S Pen Compare To Other Styluses On The Market?

The S pen, unlike other styluses on the market, has standout features which come in standard and quality with all the devices that are compatible with it. The S pen is versatile and can be used for multiple functions. It also has a smooth feel when in use, which makes it different from other styluses that have limited features.

How Does The S Pen Compare To Using A Finger Or Other Input Method On The Tab A7?

Making use of the S pen instead of your fingers makes the touch more accurate and responsive. Fingers are pressure sensitive sometimes, and although the S pen can also be pressure-sensitive, it gives a different result when pressed harder. 

What type of task or activities is the S pen best suited for

What Type Of Task Or Activities Is The S Pen Best Suited For?

The S pen is designed for various functions that provide a great experience for users. It is best suited to take notes on the lock screen, annotate a PDF and automatically change one’s handwriting to text. But that’s not all – the S pen can be turned into a remote, which means it can be used to take photos and videos, edit photos and control music. 

It is also used to draw and sketch ideas and inspirations. The S Pen can be used to unlock phones and also customise the commands to make things easier and faster.

What Type Of Task Or Activities Is The S Pen Not Well Suited For?

The S pen has lots of interesting features but it can not be used to communicate. The S pen is not well suited for making or receiving phone calls. 


In conclusion, although the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 does not support S Pen, which has captivating features, it stands as a remote to navigate and control music, takes photos, and draw and sketch ideas. The fact that it can customise commands and change handwriting to text makes it even easier to use. 

The use of the S pen guarantees users of a smooth and stress-free workflow on their tablets. Despite the Tab A7 lacking the S pen support, its fast processors, speaker quality and long-lasting battery life make it a great tablet.

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