Uses of Thunderbolt 3

What Is Thunderbolt 3 Used For?

From the name itself, we know that Thunderbolt is fast, but beyond that, it is flexible and versatile. With a bandwidth of 40Gbps, Thunderbolt 3 is the fastest and most secure port available in the market today.  This comes as no surprise because Thunderbolt 3 technology connects devices using a USB-C port. But that’s not …

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Laptops with more than 32gb Ram

Top 5 Laptops With More Than 32GB RAM

Storage capacity is an important factor to put into consideration when getting a laptop. Random Access Memory (RAM) is a form of temporary computer storage that stores all information your computer needs for the present and future.  There is no one-size-fits-all solution for RAM; it is majorly influenced by the user’s requirements, particularly the amount …

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Does my laptop have thunderbolt 3

Does My Laptop Have Thunderbolt 3?

When considering the technical specifications of your laptop, one question that might be running through your mind is if your laptop has Thunderbolt 3 capabilities. To answer this, you’ll need to check your laptop’s ports and look for a USB-C port, a small, reversible connection that’s the distinctive feature of Thunderbolt 3. If your laptop …

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Does Jumper EZBook X3 have a camera

Does Jumper EZBook X3 Laptop have a Camera?

Released in 2019, the Jumper EZBook X3 is a 13.3 inches screen notebook-like laptop with a Full HD resolution screen produced by Jumper, a Chinese brand that is sold in the UK through grey-market importers. The Jumper EZBook X3 laptop comes with a charger and a user’s manual.  The body of the Jumper EZBook X3 …

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