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Top 5 Reliable Smart Door Locks Review and Buying Guide: Discover the Pros and Cons

Smart locks are the new buzzword in security. They’re a great way to keep your home safe and secure, but they can be expensive if you don’t know what features you need or how much it will cost. Here we take an honest look at some of the best smart door locks on the market today so that you can make sure you get one with all the right bells and whistles for your needs.

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Ruveno Slim Smart Fingerprint Door Lock

Ruveno Slim Smart Fingerprint Door Lock with Handles

The Ruveno slim smart door lock is a 6 in 1 smart home device that can be used with aluminium doors, wooden doors, sliding doors and security doors with thickness of 30-80mm. This lock has multiple ways which you can use to unlock it.

You can unlock it with the use of your fingerprint, Bluetooth app, remote control, card unlock, password unlocks or with the use of a key. It supports up to 150 passcodes, 200 fingerprints and 200 user ID card codes. You can share set passwords with family and friends and you get a notification whenever your door is unlocked.

This smart lock uses 4 AAA batteries which unlocks the door 5000-6000 times. It has an emergency USB charging port and an emergency key unlock method In case the battery runs down and you need to unlock the door. Please note that the USB port cannot be used to power the lock or charge the batteries.


  1. It supports IOS and Android devices.
  2. It has 6 different ways of unlocking it.
  3. It has a handle.
  4. Built-in TT lock App.
  5. It uses 4 AAA batteries that can last between 5000-6000 unlocks.


  • Brand: Ruveno
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Dimensions: 37 x 24.6 x 11.8 cm
  • Weight: 2.77kg
  • Lock type: Keypad Lock, Electronic Lock
  • Control: App, Touch
  • Battery: 4x AAA
  • Color: Black, Grey, Silver
  • Price: £169.99


  1. You get to unlock your door in six different ways.
  2. Installation is pretty straightforward.


  1. It is vulnerable to hackers.
Yale Keyless Connected Smart Door Lock (Chrome)

Yale Keyless Connected Smart Door Lock

The Yale keyless lock is designed to give its users keyless convenience like the ability to unlock the door with your key card, smartphone or set user codes. It is a touchscreen security lock designed for 40-60mm inward opening doors with a battery compartment connected to the smart lock. It also has a deadbolt lock that allows you to deadlock the door on the inside.

The Yale Keyless smart lock has a plain touch screen display that shows its backlit keyboard when you touch it. The installation is straightforward and so is the manual that comes with it. It uses 4 AA batteries that would last up to 10,000 door unlocks and a 9V battery external port in case the battery runs out and you need to get in. It also has a tamper alarm system that goes off whenever the lock is tampered with.


  1. It is a touchscreen keypad with backlit numbers.
  2. It allows you to set up to 20 unique user codes.
  3. It has a low battery indicator.
  4. Emergency external 9V battery connection.
  5. It goes on a 3 minute lockout if incorrect pin is imputed 5 times
  6. It has an in-built tamper alarm system.
  7. Remote access.


  • Brand:  Yale
  • Weight: 0.79kg
  • Dimensions: 3.15 x 2.56 x 5.91 inches
  • Battery: 4x AA
  • Lock type: Keypad lock
  • Control method: Touch
  • Color: Polished Brass, Satin Nickel, Chrome
  • Price: £65.00


  1. It has a strong build.
  2. It can be deadlocked from inside.
  3. It connects to existing night latch.


  1. Smart Home app can be hacked.
Ruveno Slim Smart Fingerprint Door Lock (2)

Ruveno Fingerprint Door Lock (2021 update)

The latest Ruveno fingerprint door lock provides you with 5 secure ways to unlock your door. You can unlock your door by using the RFID card, your fingerprint, the smart app, a password or a mechanical key. This lock supports up to 200 user ID card codes and fingerprints, and about 150 passcodes.

The Ruveno lock is compatible with 35-60mm thick doors and it is easy to install while still making use of your existing deadbolt. You can set a one-time password for your guests and you will be alerted through the companion app whenever your door is unlocked.

 It makes use of 4 AA batteries and comes with an emergency USB charging port in case the battery runs out. The USB charging port cannot be used to charge the batteries in it or power the lock, it can only be used to unlock the door in a situation whereby the battery runs out.


  1. It has a beautiful design.
  2. It supports IOS and Android devices.
  3. It has a smart companion app.
  4. You can unlock your door in 5 different ways.
  5. It is compatible with 35-60mm thick doors.


  • Brand: Ruveno
  • Material: Metal
  • Lock type: Keypad lock, Biometric lock
  • Dimensions: 23.8 x 21.3 x 11.3 cm
  • Weight: 2.16kg
  • Color: Black, Silver, White
  • Price: £139.99


  1. It has an emergency power source in case the battery runs out.
  2. It has a nice design and handles for people who are really keen about it.

Samsung Digital Door Lock

Samsung Digital Door Lock

This digital door lock is a sleek and stylish lock with two authentications required to unlock the door. It requires you to enter the password and the access card system and can be used in a residential home or office building. It is compatible with doors that are 35-50mm thick, it is easy to install and use with a digital touchscreen keypad to input your password.

It comes with a physical sensor that locks the door automatically 3 seconds after you shut it. It also has an alarm system that goes off if anyone tampers with the door. It makes use of 4 AA batteries that’ll last for a whole year with 10 unlocks daily. There is a low battery indicator but just in case you forget, there is an external panel where you can use a 9V battery to power the lock from the outside and enter your pin.


  1. It has a sleek and Stylish design.
  2. Touchscreen keypad.
  3. Anti-tamper alarm system.
  4. It is compatible with doors that are 35-50mm thick.
  5. Both password and RFID tag are required to unlock the door.


  • Brand: Samsung
  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Lock type: Key lock
  • Weight: 0.73kg
  • Dimensions: 17.5 x 5.6 x 44.5cm
  • Battery: 4x AA
  • Color: Black
  • Price: £


  1. It has a stylish design.
  2. It has an auto lock feature.
  3. It has emergency battery connection.


  1. The screen is prone to scratches.

MOVKZACV Fingerprint Door Lock

MOVKZACV Fingerprint Door Lock

The MOVKZACV Fingerprint door lock is a smart device that gives you the keyless convenience of locking and unlocking your door. It is made of zinc alloy material which is durable and sturdy to use. It uses fingerprint recognition technology so no need to worry about losing keys anymore. It works on both iOS and Android operating systems, it is very simple to operate and suitable for homes or offices.

It recognizes up to 30 fingerprints at a very high speed and it’s equipped with 2 mechanical keys which enable you to unlock your door using the traditional method. It also has a panic button that lets you know immediately if someone attempts to break into your house.

This smart fingerprint door lock is powered by 4x AAA batteries and a USB charging port for emergencies.


  1. It has a fingerprint scanner.
  2. It has a Panic Button.
  3. Smartphone App.
  4. It is made of zinc alloy material.
  5. It recognizes up to 30 fingerprints.
  6. It has an integrated fingerprint handle that is easy to open with a simple grip.
  7. It is powered by 4x AAA batteries.
  8. It is equipped with 2 mechanical keys so you can also unlock your door using the traditional method.


  • Brand: MOVKZACV 
  • Material: Zinc alloy
  • Lock type: Biometric lock
  • Dimensions: 26 x 18.5 x 1.3cm
  • Weight: 490g
  • Color: Black, Grey
  • Price: £39.88


  1. It is affordable.
  2. It has a good alarm system.
  3. Fingerprint sensor is very responsive.

Buying Guide

These keyless smart locks are more convenient than traditional locks and more secure in some ways too. Traditional locks have pin-tumblers that are easy to manipulate to gain force entry and on the other hand, smart locks are vulnerable to cyber attacks as long as your lock is connected to the internet.

Smart locks have many advantages over conventional keys such as they don’t require any maintenance and they’re easier to operate. However, these locks do not come cheap so make sure you know what features you want before buying one. 


Smart locks are designed to give their users keyless convenience, the ability to unlock the door with your key card, smartphone or fingerprint. These locks save you the hassle of carrying a key around and risk losing it. These smart locks don’t only have companion apps but they are also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible. Do you need a lock that you can monitor from anywhere at all? You need to check out this review.

FAQ – Top 5 Reliable Smart Door Locks Review and Buying Guide

Q. How do I know what size my door needs?

A. Door thickness varies depending on the style of door you have. If you want to buy a smart lock make sure that you measure the width and height of your current door first before buying any products.

Q. What should I look at when choosing a biometrics door lock?

A. When looking for a biometrics door lock, consider how many people will need to open/close the door as well as whether they will require more than one person to operate the device. You may wish to choose a model that allows multiple users to control the lock via their mobile phones.

Q. How much does a biometrics door latch cost?

A. Biometrics door latches start around £50 and go up to over £300. The price depends on the quality of materials used and the features included. For example, some models include fingerprint scanners while others only offer simple PIN entry systems.

Q. Can I get a smart door lock without a smartphone app?

A. Yes! Some manufacturers provide a manual override option for those who don’t own smartphones. These options allow you to manually turn the lock using either a button or a code entered through the keypad.

Q. Which brand of smart door lock is best?

A. There’s no single “best” brand of smart door lock because each manufacturer uses different technologies and designs. We recommend checking out our reviews section to find the right fit for your lifestyle.

Q. Are smart door locks reliable?

A. All smart door locks depend on technology to function properly.

Q. Are there smart locks that are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant?

A. Yes.

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