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What Is Vivint Smart Home? Discover All You Need To Know

Vivint is a leader in the production of home security systems, especially with their innovative home automation that allows users to control home appliances that are connected to smart plugs. 

These smart plugs enable you to remotely switch appliances on or off. Google Home is pre-programmed into the home base of new Vivint security systems.

Vivint Smart Home is one of the best home security systems because they comprise a fully-featured, professionally installed wireless home security system. 

With Vivint, there is no option that allows for Do-It-Yourself installations – an expert is required to help users install the Vivint system. 

vivint smart home

Users can also have custom-made systems created for them if they do not find a Vivint system that fits their desired specifications.

Vivint Smart Home Security Systems

The Vivint Smart Home has three common security systems which users can choose from, namely:

  1. Starter Package: The Vivint Starter Package includes 24/7 monitoring and an app for your phone. The total package comes with the Vivint smart hub, a motion sensor, a leak sensor, two-door and window sensors and extra sensors costing up to $100. This entire package costs $599, but users can buy additional devices they find necessary.
  2. Premium Package: Referred to as the complete home protection, the Premium package comes with video security and theft deterrent, in addition to everything in the starter package.
  3. Premium Plus Package: This package is a combination of security and automation because it includes everything in the premium package, with the addition of voice control, video clips, smart home automation and vehicle protection.

Although Vivint smart homes are relatively more expensive than other home security systems, they provide great value for their price, especially since they combine home security and automation. 

Vivint Equipment

Listed below are some Vivint equipment and their price:

  • Vivint Outdoor camera – $299
  • Vivint Outdoor camera pro – $399
  • Vivint Ping indoor camera – $199
  • Vivint smart hub – $399
  • Vivint smart sensor – $50
  • Vivint motion sensor – $100
  • Vivint water sensor – $50
  • Vivint smoke detector – $100
  • Vivint glass break detector – $100 
  • Vivint smart drive – $ 249
  • Vivint car guard – $199
Vivint smart home Pros & cons


  • Smart home features
  • 24/7 Professional monitoring
  • Cameras are impressive
  • Supports Alexa and Google Voice commands
  • Does not require lengthy contracts
  • The touch screen is responsive
  • Users can control their door locks, sensors, thermostats and cameras remotely.
  • Response time is fast.


  • Hardware and other equipment are expensive
  • No guarantee of refund
  • Extra charges for reinstallation when you move
  • Remote access requires a monthly subscription
  • Alarm sounds can not be customised
  • A professional is required for the installation of systems

What Does Vivint Smart Home Do?

Vivint’s home security equipment combines both its own smart products and those from specific third parties to cover all areas of smart home security, from video doorbells to smart locks. This equipment allows users to access their homes remotely.

Who needs the Vivint smart home_

Who Needs The Vivint Smart Home?

The Vivint Smart home is greatly recommended for people that want a professionally installed home security system with high-end equipment. 

Users that also prefer a feature-packed system with which their smart home and security devices can be managed by a single app, will find the Vivint smart home helpful.


In conclusion, unlike other smart home systems that users can install by themselves, Vivint Smart home requires a professional to install the system. 

With Vivint smart home, you can also choose your preferred security smart home package depending on your security needs and budget. And that’s not all -there’s an option for custom made systems if you’re unable to find the security system that meets your requirements. 

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