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Apple iPhone 12 Pro Review: Discover the Pros and Cons

The Apple iPhone 12 Pro is one of the latest flagship devices of the iPhone 12 series developed by Apple Inc. and it was released on the 23rd October 2020. The Apple iPhone 12 Pro is a flat shiny phone with rounded edges and the new ceramic hardened front glass that offers better screen protection even better resolution than the iPhone 11 series. 

It comes with the new A14 Bionic chip, a standard 5G network connectivity and a pro camera. It also comes with an improved camera that brings new features to video mode and a MagSafe charging system.

In this Apple iPhone 12 Pro review, I will be providing you with detailed insight into all you need to know about the iPhone 12 Pro including the Pros and Cons of the phone.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Design

The Apple iPhone 12 Pro has the same new, squared-off design as the iPhone 12. It has a flat chassis with sharp 90-degree curved edges just like the designs of the older iPhone generations. The Apple iPhone 12 Pro is a shiny phone with a stainless steel frame around the edges and a matte back that comes in four different colours.

The screen is made with the new stronger Ceramic Shield that is said to give the screen 4x better protection and the back still has the regular glass for protection. It has a single front camera and on the back, it has the same three-camera configuration as the iPhone 11 pro but this time with a LIDAR scanner and larger apertures.


The iPhone 12 Pro has a 6.1inches Super Retina XDR all-screen OLED display, 1170 x 2532pixel resolution at 460ppi density, a scratch-resistant ceramic shield with oleo-phobic coating and 800nits typical brightness. The OLED technology is able to display bright and cool colours just as they appear with the help of a Wide colour gamut and true-tone.  Apple iPhone 12 Pro has the ability to record, edit and watch Dolby Vision content in 4K@60fps.

Performance and Battery life

The 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro is powered by the new A14 Bionic processor, which is the first 5nm chip in a smartphone and comes with a 6GB RAM storage space for all the features the phone has to offer, such as video editing and pictures using the Dolby Vision with the base storage starting at 128GB capacity, and upgraded up to 512GB for the most expensive option. iPhone 12 pro like the iPhone 11 series include a U1 Ultra Wideband chip for spatial awareness and interactivity.

The iPhone 12 Pro comes with an array of three rear cameras of 12MP each (Ultra-wide lens f/2.4 aperture, Wide lens f/1.6 aperture, Telephoto f/2.0 aperture 2x optical zoom up to 10x digital zoom) and one 12MP front-facing Truedepth camera. All three rear cameras support the use of Night Mode, unlike the iPhone 11 pro where you can use Night Mode only with the main camera.

With the rear cameras come a LIDAR scanner that enables the camera to autofocus quickly and will be much appreciated when taking Night mode portraits. iPhone 12 Pro Max has great low-light performance thanks to the improved Night mode feature. The main camera has a slightly brighter lens which helps in taking low-light photos or video recordings.

The front-facing camera has nearly all the features that the rear camera has. It supports the use of Night mode, Deep Fusion, Smart HDR 3(high dynamic range) and Dolby Vision bringing all the details and natural colour to your subject. it supports 4k Video recording up to 60fps.

The iPhone 12 Pro also introduces the ProRAW file format for photos which preserves all the details captured in a photo to give better flexibility when editing. This is a feature that would be better appreciated by a photographer.

All the latest iPhone 12 series comes with a standard 5G connectivity that offers great download speed. The 5G network allows you to connect to the internet seamlessly in crowded environments and download faster than the 4G network. As good as it sounds though, this network is not available in many locations yet.

 In terms of the battery life, the Apple iPhone 12 Pro has a 2815mAh built‑in rechargeable lithium‑ion battery that has been tested to last up to 11hours video playback and about 2hours 30minutes on the web using 5G network but with light use of just photography and listening to music, the battery on the iPhone 12 pro can last up to 48hours.

The iPhone 12 Pro battery life is going to vary widely for individuals depending on how much they use 5G, especially with mmWave. The iPhone 12 pro doesn’t come with a power adapter due to the environmental impact it has on the society Apple says, so if you don’t have an old one, you will have to get a new fast-charging adapter at an extra cost of $19.

Key Features

  1. An improved IP68 water and dust resistance.
  2. It supports 5G network.
  3. Larger storage space.
  4. It has great screen display.
  5. LIDAR scanner.
  6. New Ceramic Shield screen protection.
  7. Apple ProRAW.
  8. HDR video recording with Dolby Vision up to 60 fps.
  9. 1 inch OLED display.
  10. Built‑in rechargeable lithium‑ion battery.
  11. Pro camera system.
  12. Supports the use of wireless chargers.


Operating System:       IOS 14
Processor:                    Apple A14 Bionic
Dimensions:                5.78 x 2.82 x 0.29 inches
Screen Size:                 6.1” Super Retina XDR OLED display
Screen Resolution:      2532 x 1170 pixels
Camera (Rear):            12MP, 12MP, 12MP; (front) 12MP
Weight:                       189g      
Battery:                       2815mAh
Wireless Charging:     MagSafe Wireless Charging up to 15W, Qi Compatible 7.5W
Connectivity:               5G (mmWave), Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0 + NFC
Sensors:                     Face ID, accelerometer, three-axis gyro, proximity, LIDAR scanner, barometer, ambient light sensor.
Storage:                     128GB, 256GB, 512GB
RAM:                          6GB
Water Resistant:         IP68
Dual Sim:                   nano-SIM + eSIM
Colours:                        Graphite, Silver, Gold and Pacific Blue


  1. It has excellent display.
  2. Records Dolby Vision HDR videos with all its cameras.
  3. It supports 5G network.
  4. Compatibility with Apple’s new MagSafe technology.


  1. The stainless steel frame catches fingerprints easily.
  2. Not much difference from the iPhone12.
  3. 5G network isn’t available in a lot of places.

How much is iPhone 12 Pro?

The iPhone 12 Pro is a 6GB RAM phone that offers 128GB of storage and upgrades up to 512GB depending on what works for you as a buyer putting into consideration the cost.


It is pretty essential to upgrade your storage size if you’re going to be recording a lot of high-resolution video files, any of the above listed should work just fine.

Available series

The iPhone 12 series are the latest flagships unveiled by Apple in 2020. They have designs just like the earlier iPhone 4 &5 series. They are; iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The Apple iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 have 4GB RAM and begin at 64GB storage unlike the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max that is packed with 6GB RAM and storage that begins at 128GB. Although, all these series can be upgraded for much higher storage space.

Buying Guide

The Ceramic Shield protection in front of the phone doesn’t make the phone unbreakable, it just makes it stronger and less fragile to a sudden drop. The iPhone 12 Pro like the other iPhone 12 series does not come with a charging block so you would have to get one for yourself unless of course, you have one lying around. You will also have to get a MagSafe charger. 

The iPhone 12 pro is a shiny phone due to the stainless steel frame around its edges and this takes up a lot of smudges so you would be doing a lot of cleaning if you are the type that does not like to use a phone case.

Also, the iPhone 12 Pro is just a shinier version of iPhone 12 with a handful of differences. If you’re buying any of the latest iPhone 12 series and you want the whole ‘Pro’ package, I think it’s better to go for iPhone 12 Pro Max with better battery life, performance, larger screen and larger sensor for an extra $100.

Is iPhone 12 pro worth buying?

If you’re not upgrading for the cameras, the iPhone 12 Pro doesn’t offer so much more over the iPhone 12 beyond the camera which for a fact takes impressive photos. The 5G network though is way ahead of time because it’s still limited to some locations is also great and super-fast in locations that support 5G. Overall, the iPhone 12 Pro is worth buying; you get value for your money.

Conclusion – Apple iPhone 12 Pro Review

In conclusion, an extra telephoto camera lens, a LIDAR sensor, a little more RAM, double the base storage, and a shiny frame is what you get for the extra $200 when buying an Apple iPhone 12 Pro. So, are you willing to spend that much for a handful of features? Or you could just add $100 and get the much better 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro max.

If you have been using an iPhone XS, iPhone XR or a much older version, iPhone 12 Pro is a great upgrade with improved features and a great camera. The iPhone 12 Pro packs superior imaging and video capability into a reasonably sized body.

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