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FLOVEME Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Floveme is an accessory brand that specialises in providing stylish and durable phone accessories such as Phone cases, Phone holders, Phone Chargers, Charging cables, and so much more.

Their accessory designs are unique and beautifully crafted using quality material that provides a luxury feel at an affordable rate.

The brand was established in 2015, and the company name was formed from the phrase Fall into Love with me, which is sort of the company’s slogan and aims for all their end users to love the products they are offering.

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Last Amazon price update was: May 20, 2024 6:49 pm

However, this particular review is centred around one of their many unique products, which is the Floveme magnetic phone car mount holder, which is one of their best-sellers, and it is compatible with almost all mobile phones.

This review is going to be a walk-through of all you need to know about this product – its design, features, Available spec, and more details that you need to know about the magnetic phone holder.

floveme holder Design


The Floveme Magnetic phone car holder is a universal phone holder for use in cars while driving. The phone holder design version is very unique, slick and lightweight, with a cable clip by the side of the device and metal plates that are attached to the back of your smartphone. The Magnetic phone car-mount holder can deliver a flexible 360° rotation display mounted, making it easy for users to navigate their cell phones when in use. The Magnet car mount holder is produced using strong Magnets.

The way the Floveme Magnetic vehicle phone holders are designed, they can be simple, elegant, lightweight and can be used for smartphones (such as the Samsung Galaxy series, iPhone) and installed on any preferable flat surface in your car. The installation doesn’t need any strenuous process, and the item can be removed and reused at any time and at any location.

floveme holder Performance


The Floveme Magnetic phone car mount holder is very easy to install and use. Depending on the type of Floveme Magnetic Mobile Phone holder you are using, you are expected to mount the Magnetic phone holder on your car’s air vent or dashboard. 

After that, you are expected to insert behind your mobile device one of the magnetic plates provided in the item pack. This magnet enables your device to stick with the Magnetic phone car mount holder. Even while you’re on a high-speed motion or your car enters a ditch, your phone remains secure on the Car Mount holder.

Additionally, the flexibility of its 360° rotation design makes it a top-notch and number one go-to phone car-accessories. It makes it convenient for users to rotate their phone screen display when driving their car without having to face the challenges of bending their mobile phones or the distraction of trying to rearrange their device while the car is still in motion.

floveme holder intro


  1. It has a strong Magnetic capability.
  2. It is broadly compatible with mobile devices between 1.9 to 3.7 inches in width.
  3. The Floveme magnetic phone mount holder is very easy to install and use.
  4. It has a unique and well-placed design.
  5. It comes with free magnet plates.


  • Brand: FLOVEME
  • Product Weight: 100g
  • Product Dimensions: 1.97 x 1.97 x 0.79 inches
  • Compatible Devices: Smart Phone
  • Vehicle type: Automobile
  • Mounting Type: Air Vent, Dashboard
  • Colour: Black


  1. It is mini-sized and lightweight
  2. It is reusable for multiple cars
  3. It is very flexible and can rotate at a 360° angle
  4. It supports almost all mobile phones
  5. It provides quality at an affordable rate.


  1. It easily attracts any magnetic item that is brought near it.
  2. The magnetic plate weakens over time with usage.
  3. Without the Magnetic Metal plate, the Floveme magnetic phone car mount holder is useless.
floveme holder specifications

Buyer’s Guide

Below is the buyer’s guide for the FLOVEME magnetic phone car mount holder. 

How much is the FLOVEME Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder

There are two main and commonly used types of Floveme Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder: the magnetic holder mounted on a car’s dashboard and the Air Vent mount Magnetic phone holder.

However, the cost of the phone accessory that you will be buying varies depending on the design and mount type of the Floveme Magnetic phone holder. The different kinds of Floveme Magnetic phone car mount holders range between $10 – $20 across the various online and physical stores worldwide.

FLOVEME Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder Available series

The Floveme brand released different types of the Magnetic Phone Car Mount holder, which all differ in size, shape and mounting mode. The mount mode for the Floveme Magnetic Phone holder can either be on the dashboard or on the air vent of the car (known as the Air Vent Phone holder).

They all share similar features except for their shape design and the mode of mounting the accessory in your vehicle. 

In the meantime, the available types of the Floveme Magnetic phone car mount holder are; the air vent car phone holder, Strong magnetic air vent car phone holder, Magnetic phone holder, Air vent mount car holder and multi-functional Magnetic phone holder.

floveme holder Features

Is the FLOVEME Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder worth buying?

It all depends on your preference when it comes to phone accessories. But if you are in need of a classy-looking and unique Car-Mount Holder for mobile devices, then this Floveme Magnetic phone Car Mount holder should be your first choice. It’s beautiful, lightweight, very easy to install in your car and supports the one-hand operation of your cellphone while driving and trying to make emergency Phone calls.

So, Yes, the Floveme Magnetic phone car mount holder is worth every penny you spend to get it, and I certainly recommend that you get yours today before it’s out of stock. From the comfort of your home, you can place an order for a Floveme Magnetic Car Phone Mount on Amazon or from third-party sellers paying with your credit card details and have it delivered


The Floveme Magnetic phone holder for cars is a must-have accessory for all car owners owing to its impressive features which makes it easier for you to operate your mobile device safely while driving on rough roads or bumpy road conditions.

Using your phone with the cell phone holder is nice as it adds a touch of elegance and beauty to the interior of your car, delivering a broad vision and spectacular viewing experience.

FAQ – FLOVEME Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder

Q: Is the Floveme Magnetic phone holder a good product?

A: Yes, the Floveme Magnetic phone car mount holder is one of the best accessories in the market today, built using quality and durable material.

Q: Does the Floveme Magnetic car mount holder damaged phones?

A: No, your mobile smartphone will not be damaged from using the magnetic car mount holder as the material used for building smartphones are solid and won’t be easily damaged by a magnet.

Q: Does the magnetic phone car mount holder work with a phone case?

A: It all depends on the material used to make the phone case. However, most phone cases work with the magnetic phone holder; it either places the magnetic plate on the phone case or directly at the back of your smartphone.

Q: Will the Magnetic phone holder damage my phone battery?

A: No, the magnet of your car mount holder will not cause damage to the battery or reduce the battery life of your phone.

Q: Is the Magnetic phone holder good for iPhones?

A: Yes, the Floveme Magnetic phone car mount holder is okay for any kind of smartphone brand. And it won’t cause any physical or internal damage to your phone, guaranteeing you practice the proper handling of devices.

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