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Can You Add Extra Storage To Samsung Galaxy S21?

Samsung is one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world. The company’s flagship Galaxy S series is highly anticipated each year, and one of the latest releases is the Samsung Galaxy S21

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is packed with features and improvements that make it one of the most impressive smartphones on the market.

Can You Add Storage To The Samsung S21

Can You Add Storage To The Samsung S21?

No, you cannot add storage to the Samsung S21. The phone does not have a slot for an SD card, and the internal storage is not expandable.

This is a change from previous Samsung flagship devices, which did have expandable storage. This will be a dealbreaker for some people, and they might have to downgrade to a mid-range device.

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What You Need To Know About Samsung S21

What You Need To Know About Samsung S21

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series generally comes with a storage space of 128GB or 256 GB, depending on your choice, and the internal memory, which is the RAM, is 8GB. The storage information is easily accessible on the device for you to confirm the available storage on the phone.

Whether it’s 128 or 256, you can easily check by swiping down through the notification bar and selecting the settings icon.

The settings icon would present different options like the apps which shows the different application available on your phone or the accessibility option that helps you create shortcuts for easy access or the about the phone which shows you every detail about your phone from the manufacturer detail to specification information of the Galaxy 21 but to check the available storage, you want to select the Battery and device care option.

The battery and device care option shows the learning usage pattern, the diagnostics, the software update, the available internal memory and the storage space. 

It even shows you the amount of storage that has been taken up and which of the apps or documents, images, audio, and videos on your Galaxy 21 are taking up the most space so you can free it up and create more space.

You can free up space by selecting the optimise now feature from the device care screen and optimising the available memory space or by removing apps that are not in use by uninstalling or force stopping the app. 

Another great option is clearing the data on the apps on your Galaxy 21, and you can do this by scrolling through the info screen from the app and selecting storage, then clicking on the clear data or clear cache icon.

There is still an option for you to add more storage to your Samsung Galaxy 21 if you don’t want to worry about optimising storage space but the additional storage would be from cloud storage, and the maximum amount of storage would be 512 GB. 

Samsung decided to remove the micro sd slot in the Galaxy 21 series because, according to them, it wasn’t necessary, and some current flagship phones are SD-less. This might be a bit disappointing since the S20 series with the sd slot offered up to 1TB of in-memory space.


In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy S21 comes with a choice of 128 GB or 256 GB, and additional storage can be bought on the cloud that would amount to a maximum storage space of 512 GB which is frankly a storage downgrade from the previous S20 series.

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